New Feature - TrainNow

Yes, I echo what MI-XC says!

Check out this Ask a Cycling Coach clip where our Coaches dive into the topic of adding more Volume by tacking on more Aerobic riding to your structured Workouts:
How to Safely and Efficiently Add Volume to Your Training Plan (Ask a Cycling Coach 253)

Using TrainNow twice will not interfere with the algorithm or Adaptive Training. We recognise any changes to your Progression Levels from a TrainNow Workout and adjust future recommendations based on those new Progression Levels. Both Workouts will still impact your Progression Levels and, therefore Adaptive Training.

Thanks for the suggestions. Since this isn’t a common request and is likely less desirable for many athletes, it is unlikely to be something we will implement in the near future. I will definitely take note of your interest though!


Cool thank you both!

I will check out that link Sarah, thx.