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TrainNow does not consider your plan.


I’m sure the answer to this is buried somewhere, but…
Does Train Now take unstructured workouts into account?
For example if I do an 8hr 400 TSS ride on Sat and ask Train Now for a recommendation on Sunday is the Sat ride part of its calculation?

TrainNow’s recommendations are in the “Productive” range relative to your Progression Level in that zone, and unstructured rides are not yet impacting your progression levels. SOON!


My understanding is that it does. Unstructured work doesn’t change your progression levels, but TrainNow takes into account your fatigue (in some way). It may be an internal TSB calculation, not sure, but it would recommend Endurance work. If you are fresher you would see climbing or attacking work being recommended.

I also find TrainNow to err more on the side of caution and recommend Endurance work more frequently. There aren’t progressions, etc. that TrainNow can handle automatically, but you can manually override.

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Thanks @IvyAudrain .

Got you on the PLs but does it take any aspect of that unstructured ride into account to assess fatigue when choosing whether to recommend an attacking, climbing or endurance ride the following day?

It looks like it does.

Yes. @SeanHurley mentioned it in the past. But, I can’t find the post. :frowning: My forum search-fu sucks.


It definitely does yeah, although as mentioned on some other threads it seems a bit slow to update to account for past work and I find changing the duration of the workout forces it to update.

It’s also not just looking at power data - it might be as simple as looking at volume in hours, or it might be using TR’s TSS estimator, or it might be using HR data otherwise - but if you go out and do a big ride without a PM it will still affect which workout’s marked “recommended” in TN the next day. So it “sees” it one way or another.

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