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As far as I know, the Wahoo fix is still in progress and hasn’t been rolled out yet. But you’re in luck on the endurance workouts- changing these to be 1-1 with their outdoor versions is in progress! Finishing up some backend stuff on all these new workouts temporarily took precedence, but this will be coming shortly.


Just need a way to filter for all tr employees so we don’t need to check each individually for the details from the company


How does TrainNow work for new users? I am considering signing up but not following any plan over the summer and just using TrainNow to pick 2 or 3 workouts a week. How does it determine my level to start? If I manually pick workouts in the first week or so which I know are achievable will I start getting suitable workouts of a similar level?

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New TR users default to low starting Progression Levels across the board. Your answers to a few questions in onboarding about your experience and recent training also influence the starting levels a bit too, but at a basic level TrainNow will default to easier workouts for new athletes and gradually refine its recommendations as you demonstrate your capabilities.

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Really like the TrainNow function. I’ve always seen success at building fitness doing VO2/Anaer on Tuesday, short Endurance on Wednesday, SST/Threshold on Thursday, and group rides/Endurance on weekends.

Rather than mapping out some grand 8-12 week plan that never works due to life disruptions, all I have to do now is use TrainNow to select for me the best workout for each of these slots given the time I have to train.

Well done TR!


That sounds pretty much what I’d like to do. My concern is around the starting levels and it taking 4, 6, 8 weeks to progress up to the levels I’m currently at. Think I’ll just have to subscribe and see what workouts it gives me.

I’ve signed up to take a look and not sure if it’s because I’m new or there are limited options in general. For example, I only seem to get two options for 60 minute endurance rides and all other durations give ‘No Suggestions Found’. Similar for ‘Attacking’ where only 60 and 90 minutes give options.

Shoot me a DM with your username and I’ll take a look.

That is the problem I find with the Trainnow Endurance block.

Once you complete Bays for 60 mins and Bays +1 for 90, there are no progressions for it to offer as there aren’t any harder workouts to offer as they are top of the endurance range for that timeframe, and for some reason TR have not included Tempo workouts as originally announced.

Given Endurance workouts are one interval and progression is in time, not intensity really, then an old school search will do the job of finding a workout quickly and effectively. it seems a bit of a waste to dedicate one of the TrainNow selection boxes to it at the expense of Tempo, which is more complex in progression with a wider intensity range and different interval structures.

I’m not on Beta, so maybe my view will change with the full picture., but I expect not.

Edit: Maybe the groupings for the 3 Trainnow recommendation boxes could have been done consistent with the 3 Zone power model (<LT1, LT1 to LT2, >LT2) and then it would have Endurance and Low tempo in Box 1, Mid to High Tempo, SS, & Threshold in Box2, and then the rest in Box 3

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I can’t see how to DM but my username is same as forum name. There are some old workouts from 2014-2018 when I’d previously subscribed - not sure it that has any affect?

To send a Direct Message on the forum:

  1. Click on the member name or icon.
  2. Click “Message” to start a message and send in that menu.


Note: New forum members won’t have access to sending Messages like this until some point (duration or number of posts… but I can’t remember the requirement).

Thanks. I only created forum account recently which would explain why I’m not seeing the message option.

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Interesting, I hadn’t thought of that before, but makes sense. I agree that it could implement some lower level Tempo workouts in there as well, but also just throw in workouts that aren’t maxed out too–some days you might want to take it easier after all. :slight_smile:

@SeanHurley I just finished my Ramp test and deciding to use the TrainNow feature this coming May as I think I’ll be riding outside from time to time. I’ll be going back to a training plan in June. Do I still need to do a Ramp Test the time I’ll start that plan?

It’s always a good idea to do a ramp test (or your preferred alternative FTP test of choice) any time you start a new plan, since your FTP may have changed since you last tested it.


New TrainNow is awesome with the “recommended” portion. I have a question/request on it though. Is there a way to see what the recommendation would be for tomorrow, or two days from now given your calendar data or assuming rest? I know that we are getting into AT territory here, but I finished a recovery ride this morning and was looking to decide on workout for tomorrow and the recommendation is the same. I assume this is because it wouldn’t recommend anything other than recovery within a certain amount of time of another workout. So, how long before that recommendation adjusts? I appreciate that this is TrainNow, and not TrainLater, but being able to schedule or see a recommendation for tomorrow or 2 days out assuming rest over that period would be an amazing add.


Good question! TrainNow is set up to provide training recommendations only for the current calendar day, but this is something we could consider for future releases for sure! For what its worth, the syncs/subsequent recommendations happen per day, so your suggested workouts might reset tomorrow, or may be similar based upon that completed endurance ride. Cheers!


Mine did reset today. Looking last night all endurance rides were 0.70ish with sprints. Today was all 0.60ish easier ones. Makes me wonder what goes into it. Considering I looked last night after a 0.8 SS ride. I was surprised it gave me harder rides for a 2nd workout of the day than it did today for my only workout.

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75min selected but it only gives 60min workouts???

The new Train Now page is great. The recommended workout text is a big improvement.
My suggestions all look spot on after already completing a workout today.

:+1::+1:Love your work TR.