New Feature - TrainNow

The only downside is that compared to a training plan, TrainNow lacks the same granularity and intention in selecting workouts. It’s simply recommending workouts to line up with your Progression Levels, while a training plan has a specific intent for each day beyond just power zone- interval type or interval length, for instance, and some days are intentionally slightly above or below your current level with the goal of being more or less progressive. Train now is a much blunter instrument, so to speak, but you’re certainly not going to ruin your training by swapping a workout here or there. Play around with it!

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Thanks. I saw this addressed right in the beginning of the latest podcast right after I posted it.

I’m not using plan builder at the moment, and am in a general build plan. I have an OK understanding of what is the goal along with how achievable a workout is. Not a terrible time to experiment with it.

At minimum, it is interesting to cycle through the workouts to get a feel for which ones match up with my current progression levels. Looking forward to being able to filter workouts based on that.


TrainNow bug. When I load up the TN screen, I get 60 minute workouts but it shows 90 as the filter.
Happened earlier this morning and resolved when I refreshed. Re-loaded the app now and it’s back.


I dont see that productive, etc at the bottom of the workouts. Possibly because I use the ios beta app

I see it because I’m in the Adaptive Training Beta.

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Makes sense. I am loving TN personally and been nice to pick a workout and ride.

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Probably it has been answered before, but I am confused that I do not get any suggestion now for Endurance longer than 45min. Some time ago I did not get any suggestions above 120min. Now the field Endurance is empty more often than showing a workout. I get that there is some algorithm behind that but to me this algorithm seems faulty when I dont get suggestions in one of the most important categories: 90min+ Endurance.

Yes it’s the same for me.

This feature still feels a bit unfinished, I was looking to have it pick a random 60 minute endurance ride yesterday so it gave me Black. I wanted something else so hit refresh and got Black again, and again, and again 14 more times. Then it finally gave me Bald Knob, and then Black 9 more times. I don’t understand why that is, since it’s not tied into levels or AP yet and there are like two dozen 60 minute endurance rides why it just gives me the same thing like it’s the only one in the library or the only one that is suitable to my current progress (I’m not even in a plan at the moment)

  • Actually, I believe it IS tied into Progression Levels as of now, even for people without direct access to the Adaptive Training beta.

Curious about that. Just for fun I just hit random 12 times (after doing Collins -1 yesterday) and 9 times I still got Black today so I’m not really sure


Well, a connection to PL is one thing.

The behavior you mention is a very different one. I know others have commented on the limited returns on Endurance suggestions, so maybe their programming on that is too restrictive or something else is leading to a lack of variety?

Mentions I found of PL by TR. At least one also touches on limited Endurance suggestions, that could apply for you too.

TrainNow IS tied into Progression Levels for all athletes. There are many cases where holes exist in the current workout library for certain levels, so you may receive more or fewer recommendations for a zone depending on your Progression Level if there aren’t many productive workouts at that particular Level. In some cases, this might be be inherent and unavoidable, for instance, multi-hour endurance workouts tend to have a relatively high level no matter what, since duration is a factor in the level calculation. But in most cases, we’ve identified and are filling the holes as we speak- I mentioned in another thread that we have around 700 new workouts entering the library very soon for this exact reason. We also have some updates to TrainNow’s core functionality rolling out shortly, as well! Stay tuned.


Not being in the beta still, I have no idea how these levels or anything is actually supposed to work. I do notice new workouts in there already but it still seems to suggest the same one, the 60 minute endurance sessions it’s spitting out land between .64 and .68IF but it’s hard to understand how they tie into levels or anything since I can’t see that stuff

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@mcneese.chad , thank you for this succinct summary. Very helpful to see the key messages aggregated vs us mere mortals having to read through full threads.

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Happy to help. As an FYI, here is part of the trick I use to find info quickly in a long topic like this.

  1. Assuming you know the person who made the comments you want to find, you can click on their icon in the “Frequent Poster” at the end of the first post at the top.
  2. Then you can use the “Filter” button. This shows only their comments from the topic.
  3. You can quickly scroll through and see their posts.
  4. Additionally, the “Ctrl+F” can work to find key words. I used “Level” in this case and found what I needed really quickly.

When you are done and want to see the full thread, just click the “Show all” button to close the filter.


I suddenly feel like I’m being watched :eyes: :hugs:


Hi Sean -

It would be great if eliminating the offsets on the endurance workouts could be addressed as part of this - especially as we are well into the outdoor season in most of the US.

I had been told this was not on the radar due to workload, but if it’s possible to populate 700+ new workouts, then I’d have to think it seems quite doable to re-align the existing endurance ones which I believe would be a much smaller count? (and hopefully any new endurance ones coming in now are matched 1:1 indoor/outdoor?)

Also, I haven’t seen a formal communication on it yet, but I’m guessing something got fixed in Wahoo outdoor TR workout processing as last time I looked, I was seeing more appropriate recommendations in TrainNow for the first time in weeks and that is the only recent TR data I have uploaded recently. Is that indeed the case?

I’ve also had the same issue with the 60 minute Endurance ride (Bays in my case) just being stuck and never refreshing while the other two options changed each time. Hopefully the new workouts and tweaks help with that going forward.