🎉 🏊 🎉 NEW Early Access Feature: New Sport Types Supported by Activity Sync 🎉 🏊 🎉

We already pull from Garmin Connect! :sunglasses:

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The other “health” stats i meant. Like steps, weight, etc


I don’t use Training Peaks, so that’s exactly what I’d be doing if they chose TP over Strava

Possibly this belongs in the unpopular opinion thread but here goes…the primary value I get from Strava is as an integration hub for my activities. As a dominant player everyone is forced to integrate with them so I can use them as a central location for smaller systems that others won’t bother to integrate with directly


When I got started over 10 years ago, TrainingPeaks connected with a lot more small platforms. Free archiving all in the original format of each app. Still true. For me, Strava was and still is a social networking platform, although recently its gotten much better:

love the new features in Strava :+1: although I can do the same in TrainingPeaks mobile but with custom charts.

Maybe I’m a Gen X dinosaur, or it’s a lasting effect from working in an industry where I had a realistic chance of being a target for a honey trap, or the combination, but I’m very careful where I put PII, and I periodically go through and delete it from services I’m no longer using and avail myself of the right to delete in CCPA


I think it’s perfectly reasonable to control where your data is accessed and by which companies.

But…if you want automatic propagation of said data between platforms you have to accept that the integration priorities are going to be based on user count and financial incentives for the companies involved

Not trying to say whether you should feed the data to Strava or not…but their user base is going to put them at the top of everyone’s partner priority list. Thus, for the foreseeable future centralizing data there is going to almost guarantee all platforms (small and large) will be able to work with it


Thanks, TR team. If I record a strength activity on my Garmin watch and then update the sets/total weight lifted afterwards in Garmin Connect, will TR pull the updates? Or just the original activity?

:raised_hands: We’ll pull the original activity now. With the next batch of updates for Strength Training, we’ll have a field to add working set data within TR.

We’ve discussed pulling over the Garmin set data but there isn’t a way to distinguish between sets that were manually added in Garmin vs sets that were auto-detected. The accuracy for auto-detected sets can vary so for initial launch we’ll have you add them in TR.


I can see my strengh training, but not my golfing activies that are track with Garmin, normal?

Golf activities should be pulled in from Garmin I believe. :thinking:

When was your last strength training activity? I don’t see any on your calendar…

Let me dig into this a bit! :male_detective:

Ah, finally! Great work - clearly I’m not alone on being super stoked on this! Can’t wait to see where/what this evolves into.


I think I know what’s going on.

There’s a separate “Activity Recording” setting that needs to be enabled to capture the entire golf activity. Otherwise it’ll just act as a scorecard and sync that to Garmin Connect.

Here are the steps to enable that (from this article):

  1. Access the Menu on your watch.
  2. Select Settings Settings Gear.
  3. Select Activities & Apps.
  4. Select Golf.
  5. Select Golf Settings or Settings
  6. Toggle on Record Activity

Let us know if that does the trick!

A fix for the lap issue is in testing now! I’ll follow up once it’s out.

Thank you!

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great thank you!


Could you add Refereeing to the list as well?


Do you have any plans to implement more fine-grained filtering of what should/should not be imported? In my case:

  1. Skiing is quite intensive, and I’d love RLGL to take this into account. I definitely had some overtraining issues in the past two winters due to having too much fun in the mountains while still trying to stick to the training plan.
  2. But some other stuff, like hiking with the kids, riding my longboard to pick up the mail – I’d rather not put all that garbage into the system. I don’t want TR to hold me back on training because of these “activities”.


Oh, excellent. Maybe now my “walks” that start out as “runs” (thanks garmin watch for only supporting runs :roll_eyes: ), get fixed automagically in strava via activityfix, will sync consistently going forward. Right now they import as runs, sometimes get the new title (dog walk… thanks again to activityfix), and get no subsequent updates – especially not the walk-status.

What Garmin? My 945 has walk available, That replaced a 910 which I think didn’t but its been 2 years so I don’t recall.

Forerunner 235… I don’t run/walk much so I’m not hugely researched on this product category. Primarily I was looking for solid gps recording, wrist-hr monitor, and cheap. I didn’t investigate the feature set deeper. I achieved cheap by buying used/refurb. The gps is great. The HRM isn’t so reliable – kinda annoying, but not critical (seems to skew very high… maybe it’s trying really hard to think I’m running and 60-80bpm doesn’t compute, so it doubles it). Found out after getting it that only “runs” are recorded. Oh well.