New Canyon Aeroad

hey…I am the preacher for long and low bikes. I’m all about going UP form a low stack height (especially for a TT bike). When Specialized went to the Shiv Tri geo, they eliminated me as a customer. I literally could not fit on one of those bikes.

But you are kinda comparing apples & oranges here…a road bike and tri bike are different beasts entirely. Having a slightly higher stack on a new version of the Aeroad doesn’t mean that it is a “more comfortable” geometry. Again, the Aeroad had one of the lowest, if not the lowest, stack heights for road bikes. I haven’t looked at the actual geos for the new model yet, but a few extra mm are not gonna be a huge deal for the overwhelming majority of their customers.

Also worth noting that a frame structure tends to be more aero than spacers, although that delta has certainly been reduced with the advent of fully integrated cockpits.

No snow yet at least but mostly wet and muddy roads atm. Just finished building it and have to admit I’m not going to be able to wait until the spring so first chance we get a clear dry day I’ll have to get out on it. Super excited what with it been my first road bike but can’t help but feel a bit nervous about riding it. It’s an awsome looking bike though.

Am I the only one who’s gone onto eBay just to check for any previous gen Aeroads in my size…? :joy: Something about the old one’s lines just hits me, the new one not quite so.

Ever given Canyon‘s own outlet a look?
Not the best prices, but most of the bikes are new and have warranty still.

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Anyone heard if there are clip on aerobars for the new aeroad? Canyon says they won’t work because of the adjustable nature of the bars, but that seems like hogwash to me. Anyone in the know?

Seems pretty reasonable to me…if you look at the design of the bars, I don’t see how you are going to put aerobars on that new cockpit.

The only potential option I could see would be a custom bar from Canyon that has a clamp designed to match the profile of the bar design…but my guess is that the wall thickness of the bars have been thinned out to meet the adjustable width concept work…and thus would not be able to stand up to the clamping force.