New Bike Recomendations

I’d like to get a new road bike that would be good for long rides but also a bit fun. I’ve test ridden a new Roubaix and it felt mushy. Also a Tarmac SL6 and it felt twitchy but think the front was too low. Maximum price £2800 and i need a bike with stack of 640 or as near as possible and reach around 405. These are what I have on my Jamis Renegade which i currently use and were determined from a few bike fits and its also done me for the last three years or so. At 54 I am not getting any more flexible. Issue seems to be finding ones that will accommodate a seat height of 850mm.
I’m in the UK so possibly limited there.

Lets see what you fantastic people can come up with as suggestions…

Trek Emonda was by far the most fun bike i have ever ridden, it was fast, fun, and really comfortable during longer rides. I replaced it with an aero bike, and if im honest, i prefer the emonda, oh well. cant go back now.


Very happy with my Canyon Endurace. Super fun. Reach for a medium is 382. But comes with a 110mm stem, which is 10mm longer than found on some similar bikes. Fun can have a broad definition. The steering is much more active than my Diverge. That is fun to me. The ability to get lower for me is fun. The extra tire clearance is super fun. The stiffness and lightness on climbs are really fun.


Agreed on the Emonda. On my 2nd one since 2015, and it is a near perfect all-around bike for my needs.

Plenty fun, but less “aggressive” than the Tarmac. The H2 geometry is a nice blend of race / endurance fit.

It is more comfortable with the 28mm tires than you’d expect for a “race” bike.

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Trouble with the Emonda is the seat post mast thing. It goes to a max rail height of 82.5 so depending on the saddle I may not get the seat height I need… :confused: That’s on the 62cm frame.

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Ahhh, I missed that size and assumed the largest model would work. You got some seriously long legs there.

For some models Trek offers a taller head for the seat mast. I’m not sure if they do for the Emonda but I would think so.

They offer two seat mast caps (135mm or 175mm). The Rail Height Min / Max on the Trek geo charts actually include the functional Mast range and the caps.

The main frame only allows part of the total adjustment. The rest of the total range comes when you swap from the short to tall seat mast cap.

Kinda annoying since they really don’t mention it. And every bike model only ships with one cap. So if you need to be on the other end of what shipped, you need to buy or swap at the dealer.

I do love the feel that the design provides, but it makes fitting and sizing more of a pain when compared to a regular seat post design.

Bike preference is highly subjective, and your mileage may vary, but I strongly recommend you check out the Cannondale SuperSix Evo. It’s a great bike that climbs well, is comfortable, and handles like a dream.

@mcneese.chad - yep long legs and fairly gibbon like arms too. :slight_smile: makes it difficult unless the seat post is a standard round one. Some just don’t go high enough, or at the front end either - I still have around 90-100 mm drop from saddle to bars. D shaped (Giant) and Aero posts in general are a nightmare if you just need a couple of cm more than the seat post allows.

@gwhilts - funnily enough i was just looking at the cannondale’s earlier. I tried a synapse last year and thought it was a bit “meh” so may go look out the SuperSix not sure if it’s within budget though as i’m after hydraulic discs and clearance for 32mm rubber. I have a good set of hand built wheels that i’d use on whatever I did get.

Perhaps someone should come up with a dirty sixer road bike type thing. :slight_smile: :grin:

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Look at Ribble’s line up. You can probably get a little more at the same price as a name brand.

I’m in the same boat, almost can’t ride a trek

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You’re almost in the range of a fully custom steel bike. You certainly are if you swap your parts from your current bike.

That’s the route I would take. . . . but hey, I weld my own frames so I’m biased.

Look at the Cannondale Synapse. Comfy with some good snap to it.

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Sorry but none of the Ribble bikes I’ve looked at are big enough stack wise.

I did try a synapse carbon ultegra but found it a bit lacking and uninspiring. Didn’t have a massive test ride but it certainly didn’t make me feel like I wanted that bike. Shame as it looked very nice.

You can always get the longer post for it. I had to do this. i chose a smaller frame and thus needed longer post to get my position right. small compromise imo

The 64cm would fit with the post it comes with. The 62cm comes with the long seat post cap already and as its a specific one to that bike I couldn’t get a bigger one.
May have to size up to accomidate my long legs.