New app - suggestions to improve

I like the new app but … in the spirit of constructive feedback:

  1. can you please let me see my workout stats in full screen width including stats for each segment. It’s annoying that the new view of past workouts only takes up half the screen and the only way to see the average stats per segment/interval is now online… which rarely loads all segments anyway.
  2. is there a way to have a toggle switch on the actual workout screen between ergo and normal mode. This would be really useful to avoid the smart turbo low cadence spiral of doom
  3. Sometimes it’s useful to extend the rest interval between segments. All that’s needed is for me to be able to pause the workout timer or something but keep pedalling. I did prater this eve which only has 1min rest between intervals… but I needed longer
  4. I’ve noticed sometimes in VO2 workouts that the turbo gets stuck at the peak (eg 120%) even when the workout says it should be dropping back. This has only started happening since the new app (Saris H3 by the way)


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  • On Win/Mac, you can use the ‘T’ key to quickly swap between “Trainer” modes. You can also click it on the lower left side of the TR app window.
  • On Mobile, I think they made access to “Devices” quicker, where you can then swap modes on the trainer section. Not as swift as the option above, but might be worth trying if you haven’t already done so.
  • If your turn off the “Pedal to Pause/Resume” option in Settings, you can manually pause and resume workouts easily, right from the mobile screen, or spacebar / mouse click the pause in Win/Mac.

Sorry you’re experiencing this! Please reach out to the team at so they can look at your device settings and internal ride log to help mitigate those issues. Thanks in advance!

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Re. 2: Thanks for the tip. I use a tablet and yes, its quicker as you’ve one less screen but its be cool to have an emergency button

Re 3: Yes I tried this in Saturday but it was a bit buggy and I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted. I’ll have another look at this tomorrow

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