“New Active Step” from Garmin workout?

I just finished Tallac -5 outdoor and after finishing my last interval, I got a 1 minute rest, followed by “New Active Step” and a 5 minute interval at around 10 watts higher than my FTP. What was that? :joy: :joy: I’d already headed back into the neighborhood so I had to contend with intersections and traffic, but I knocked it out as best I could. I’ve looked at Tallac -5 in workouts and it doesn’t have that extra 5 minute “New Active Step”. I’m using a garmin fenix5.

— edit

TR support said the “new active step” was not a TR feature and could be ignored.

I don’t think that’s a TR thing, must be inserted from Garmin.

I’d contact support@trainerroad.com and ask, in case it’s a TR issue with that workout.

TR sends a binary file to Garmin, and Garmin sends that same file to your bike computer or wearable. It was either a problem on TR side, an error introduced during transmission, or an error on your Fenix.

A few people in the past reported that TR support instructed them to delete old workouts on their Garmin, and that fixed a related but different issue (workouts not syncing to Garmin device).

Thanks, guys. I’ve sent in an email.