Never mind the disc v rim debate

Set aside the tubeless v tubed fight.

Forget the TID bunfighting nonsense!

Lay down your VO2 definition arms…

I am just doing a club kit order and it has gone nuclear on me… Casquette or Baseball cap?
and sniping from the bushes is a minor group of Pantani fans demanding bandanas!

I need a drink…


What sock length are you going for?!


It’s a thankless task doing club kit.


Tell them you’ll order it all, let them have whatever they want. Then just mention to them that by you letting them have everything they want, you’ll be ordering something along these lines.

colombian women 1


I didn’t even understand most of what you just said.

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Just order some cotton shirts and basketball shorts!

if you cant make every one happy, then make everyone hate you


Even within “baseball cap” there are different styles. I like the smaller more rounded ones, and am less of a fan of the larger, flatter-fronted type. :smiley:

Casquette is French for baseball cap…

What is:

“TID bunfighting”
“parvenu arrivisti”

As for a baseball cap…I wear a helmet when I ride :man_shrugging:

I guess maybe this is why I ride solo. 10000-15000 miles a year and I don’t have to worry about fighting over a hat on a bicycle?

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Plain Fluoro pink, yellow or green top, black knicks! And for ladies!!! More of the same!
Socks - fluoro Red for left (port) and Green for Right (starboard).

This is a beautiful bit of prose! You have a wonderful way with words.

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Just post this exact phrasing back into the club mailing list. :rofl:

It will either start a riot, or everyone will pi$$ themselves laughing.


These are all valid points and arguments. The only real option is to do both. I don’t mean let them choose either, if they want a cap then they pay for and get both

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