Neuroma...It happened :(

I started trainer road SSBMV1 few weeks back. I got neuroma few days ago. It felt like something sharp went into my foot. I went to a podiatrist and he gave me a cortisol shot. Also told me to to get orthotics.

I have wide feet, so my current cheap cycling shoes that I bought 6 years ago for $35 were definitely NOT made to be used extensively on a plan like trainer road. They do NOT fit well.

I just recently bought the s-works 7 wide shoe. I tried the Lake regular fit, and it still wasn’t wide enough. I’m also having trouble finding Bont shoes in the bay.

I have a few questions:

  1. Do you have custom orthotic experience for cycling? I found a fitter that makes custom cycling orthotics based on Retul (I think part of specialized company). Bonus if you can share your experience with custom orthotics for neuroma specifically.

  2. How are the S-Works 7 Wide? Are they wide enough? I had to order online as none of the shops have it in stock.

  3. Those with Neuroma…please tell me it went away and never came back…


Existing thread and discussion.

Been there and done that. I had injections and it is better. I used to have toe clips and straps that I now realize I tightened way to much.