Neo decided to act up, any ideas what’s causing this?

Today I cleaned the bike chain and cassette. Also re-greased the hub on the Neo as it was due.

Here is what I did there. Starts at 4:45.

Anyway, it’s now super loud. Though “now” could also be a bit misleading. When I did my VO2 session yesterday the trainer was already somewhat loud. Though I attributed this to the VO2 intensity. Didn’t think much about it but closed the windows to avoid annoying my neighbours.

Here is a short video. Any ideas what might be the issue?

Please note that the noise is there regardless of cadence and intensity.

I have already reached out to Tacx and asked for support. Though no answer yet.

Kind of desperate for an answer. Waiting out support is killing me. Buying a new one would make the misses kill me. 🤷🏽

@GPLama G’day Shane, just realized that perhaps you might have an idea? :sweat_smile:

Something is rubbing something. Either inside or outside. You can do outside stuff, but youll have to wait for support for inside stuff.

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Can’t do outside stuff either. Misses is highly pregnant (overdue) which basically forces me stay close to the house. :man_facepalming:t3:

How exactly did you do that?

There’s nothing on the Neo that requires greasing. The bearings are sealed and lubed for life.

A rotor magnet might be rubbing on a stator winding.

This is what I did. Added it also to my initial post.

Relevant part starts at 4:45.

Oh okay, you greased the cassette freehub. That shouldn’t make any noise while delivering power so I think something else is up.

Maybe check to see if the axle is loose in some way.

what kind of grease did you use?

@russell.r.sage This one. It says it’s ideally suited as assembly and bearing grease.

Cracked casing? Or a loose screw?
It sounds like the plastic vibrating against itself.

@Rosscopeco Just checked all screws and the case, seems to be all good.

is the grease thin? It says Medium liquid on the web site.

What do you mean with thin? It’s greasy but otherwise very easy to spread. It’s not liquid though.

Some high performance greases are thin. What they may trade off perhaps is noise. Think of the rear hub on an outdoor bike and the sound when it freewheels. You can dramatically change that sound by the type of grease you choose. No grease at all and the sound is really loud.

Ah, got your point. I have no idea whether it’s the right product. I assumed it would be good enough as Tacx didn’t state anything specific on their home page. Though I guess I could order a tube of dedicated freehub grease.
Though it’s certainly not dry. Opened it again and checked it. Looks like before.

I’m not an expert on greases, but if you have some standard Shimano PL Premium lying around, you might try wiping out the grease you used and putting that in to test it. It’s an all-around grease and certainly wouldn’t hurt anything.

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to me it actually sounds like what the neo sounds like, just louder, so I’m not convinced there is anything rubbing.

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It’s definitely not normal in terms of volume. Even the misses came around and asked me about the noise. :smirk:

I don’t have the grease you suggested at home. Neither could I order it via my preferred shop. Though I found a dedicated freehub grease. Actually two. Also ordered a new freehub to be sure it’s not that.

I have had exactly the same sound on my Tacx Flux, since new. It happens when I have not used the trainer for a while, for the first few minutes of a workout, and usually disappears after a few rides.

I’ve also noticed that it makes the noise when I’m hitting some workouts when working hard lower down in the cassette. Again, this noise usually disappears after a few minutes at that intensity.

I’d ask the question to Tacx on social media if they don’t come back to you :wink:

Thanks for your feedback. I use that thing ten hours or so per week. In the last few weeks even more. It has seen two off days in the last 10 weeks.

I wouldn’t want to ride it for long, mostly because of the noise it creates and also the heat it produces. Don’t want to fry it.

Social media is a good tip. Though I guess I give them some more time to respond. Hasn’t been a day yet.

I also ordered a new trainer. Due to the lack of alternatives a Kickr Core. Hopefully that unit will do the trick while the Neo is out of the game.