Need some help with picking a new cassette and chain

I want to buy a new cassette and chain to freshen up my setup on the turbo.

I am currently using a Shimano CS 5800 11 speed cassette and the chain that came with it on the bike. I would like to replace both with their Ultegra or Dura Ace equivalents but are not sure which one to pick.

Can one of you point me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated!

The only difference between 105 and ultegra is the weight by all accounts - which obviously wouldn’t make any difference on the trainer. If i were you i’d just be getting a new 105 cassette and any decent 11 speed chain.

New 105 cassette is the R7000 or ultegra is r8000. Assuming you have a short cage 5800 rear mech then the max number of teeth you can have on the cassette is 28.


Why would you want Dura Ace for a turbo setup?


Unless you are changing the whole groupset, I’d stick with the 105. I’m not sure you’d get any performance or improved feel benefit by just changing the cassette and chain (aside from some weight saving outside).

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@kevstraining @Dave @Walkley I figured it wouldn’t go for a 105 as I read the higher end cassettes are more quiet. Weight and so on are a non factor as the bike remains on the turbo and is riding solely in erg (same gear).

@kevstraining I think it came with an 11-32 cassette. That’s at least the count of the smallest and largest sprocket on the stock cassette. Does that mean I have a mid or long range cage? Sorry if this is a dumb question but except for 105 it’s not labeled.

KMC for chains. Never had one snap, whereas the same can’t be said for Shimano.

For the turbo, I’d go cheap (sora), noise will depend on how well you maintain the system. Likely to be more durable too.

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Fair point as I was curious, that’s all.
I use a 105 cassette and chain and I wouldn’t say it’s particularly noisy but I haven’t compared it to anything else.

@Triathlete I would replace like-for-like with what you have, unless you’re set on changing the rest of the set. If you counted the smallest and largest cog on your cassette, then yes it’s 11-32.

It all boils down to cost for me. If you’re mostly on the trainer, there’s no real benefit to upgrading, especially if you use ERG where you can stay in the same gear for most of your training.

That said, I’d second @d_diston on the KMC chain though. I use these for MTB’ing and they are bullet proof. I’ve had a Shimano chain snap half-way through a race and it’s not nice!

Edit: If you have a local bike shop you can use - I’d highly recommend as they can talk you through, find the part and fit. A friendship with an LBS is like gold :slight_smile:

@Triathlete certainly sounds as if you have a long cage if you already have a 32t cog… this doesn’t mean you necessarily have to get a 11-32 to replace it though as the smaller cassettes are sometimes cheaper and you will still have all the gears you need.

I’m not convinced that if you were to go higher than a 105 it would necessarily be quieter but no harm in it I suppose. As others have said you are paying for the weight reduction and maybe (but I doubt it) better shifting performance.

A new 105 cassette and decent new chain probably will achieve what you want.

@d_diston @kevstraining @Walkley I wrote down all the parts I could make out on the bike:

Front has two chain rings which are 50-34. Both are from the 105 Shimano series. They are labeld as 11S 50-34MA. The back has a 11-32 casette which is labelled CS 5800. The rear derailer is labelled RD5800. The chain is labelled CN-HG 601. I guess you count every chain nob as one link. So it should be 110 links.

Based on that information and the insights you guys have provided I would go with the following casette and chain.


It says it would be compatible to mid-long to long cages. Which I should have, right?

And chain:

It says it would be compatible to all 11-speed setups.

Oh and this quick link:

That cassette is more a mountain bike one - you won’t need 34t on the back.

Better with:

Or if you want to spend more this:

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Thanks again for your feedback.

On the homepage it says the 8000 is only compatible to GS derailers with mid-long cage. Isn’t that an issue?

Hinweis: Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Kassette mit der Abstufung 11-32 nur zum Shimano GS Schaltwerk mit mittellangem Käfig kompatibel ist!

No problem - sounds like you have a GS (longer) rather than a SS (shorter) 5800 so you will be ok with cassettes with big cogs in the range 28t-32t… If you have a shorter one then it would be a 23t-28t range limit.

If at all unsure go for a 28t max as that would work on both.

The part numbers circled are the compatible cassette models for your rear mech :+1:


Thanks again! I ordered the cassette as you suggested and also the chain and chain link. Fingers crossed I don’t a crew it up. :sweat_smile: