Need Motivation to get ready for a 10+ hour indoor Challenge

I had my final MTB race of the year 3 weeks ago. It was a 5+ hour race 57 miles and 5,300 ft of climbing. Anyway, I have had a few weeks to take it easy. So now I need to get back to a focus and prepare for a 10+ hour indoor challenge (The Sufferfest Knighthood).

What plan would be good?
What % of FTP should I shoot for?
Should I use ERG mode on my trainer at a lower %? if so 60%, 75%
Should I use standard mode on my trainer?

Hey there!

A good plan would be:

Sweet Spot Base
Sustained Power Build
Century Specialty Plan

As for the more specific preparation details, check out this article that discusses preparation for a 12 hour Time Trial. While the article is not specifically about indoor TTs, many of the same tips will apply.

And lastly, I would recommend using Resistance Mode for the duration of your challenge since it allows you to spin faster or slower if you need to without “convincing” the ERG mode to allow you to :slight_smile:

Cheers and good luck!


Thanks for the Info. Yeah I thought ERG would be a bad idea.

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Cool challenge, but I can’t help but point out the irony of using TR plans to train for the TSF Knighthood :stuck_out_tongue:

Do they not have their own recommendations for training towards that achievement?


Quoting Larry the Cable Guy, “Now that’s funny right there, if you can’t laugh at that you don’t need to be out here” :sunglasses::joy:

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That dude averaged >23.5MPH for 12 hours. SOLID!!

I know man but I like TR Calendar and there plans. I have never seen SUF post up any training plan setup to get you ready for the Knighthood.

Here is the deal I have always wanted to do the Knighthood for the last 3 years and never do. In the last 2 years I really only use Zwift and TR off season. So this is a one and done thing with the SUF vids. I probably wont use them again after I am done.

Don’t take my comment above as criticism towards you.

I just find it funny that TSF doesn’t have a prep plan, so you end up using a different app and training plans to prepare for their special achievement.

I think it’s a cool goal and applaud anyone who takes it on and finishes it.

I wish you luck in your training and development as well as the work on the big day. Tear it up and did show those guys who’s boss :smiley: