Need help pacing Zwift Bambino Fondo

I’m normally a low volume cyclist but this year I’m looking to increase my ability to stretch out the ride length. One way of doing so is to participate in the Zwift Fondo series. However I have no idea how to pace these types of things. I’ll try the Bambino version first and looking to crack the 2 hour mark. That’s a fairly big ride for me time wise. I’ve done a flat 100 km ride on zwift in the past with a group which was 3 hours but my longest rides are usually once a week at 1.5 hrs.

I’m currently at 173 FTP after a ramp test this week after 4 weeks of doing Starting Strength linear progression. This week was the first week of SSB LV so I’ll be pretty early in my training. Would appreciate any advice on pacing the event.

Event day is Jan 3. 52km with 580m of climbing.

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Hi, I looked up the event on Zwift and it is a group event, what you haven’t told us is your weight so we can work out your WKG. Anyway as it is a group ride you will find it much easier to ride in a blob and benefit from the draft. I would join the C group and maintain around 150 watts on the level and not push too much over your FTP on the slopes. Again staying with the group is more important than sticking religiously to a Power target.

Thank you. I’m currently 76 kg which puts me at 2.28 ftp/kg. Unfortunately the C group is just the length. The challenge I assume will be finding a group that’s not too fast or too slow, but good advice to stick to a group.

Do you have access to your powercurve via Strava or ? Then lookup your 2 hour power and go from there, start easy and you can always increase your pace towards the end of the ride. Make sure you are not starting the ride fatigued and you have a plan for hydration and fuel.

Sure do, thanks. I’ll give that a try as a pace guideline.

I just finished the 9 pm UK event around 1700 riders so you shouldn’t be alone. It did thin out on the last third of the ride and remember to save a little for the final climb. please let us know how you get on.

Nice, glad you got it in. Unfortunately I had 1 time that would work being in Korea and failed to make it due to a cold. I’m tracking the Feb and March dates and can hopefully get in 1 of those if not both.

Sounds like a huge ride. 1700 folks is massive :smiley:

Every zwift event goes hard out of the pen, and then settles, so don’t be put off by that.

The other thing you could try is do a long ride with the Pace Partners - Diesel Dan is the easiest.

I took a break from structure over Christmas and New Year, and actually used the pace partners a few times. Group rides without being tied to start times or the whims of the participants (I did some of the Rapha rides, and the pacing was way off stated. The Bettiol one was a disaster).