Need Help in Planning the Next Block of Base Training

Hey everyone,

I am started right off with the Traditional Base High Volume 3 with a little bit of change. That is the weekend endurance rides will only be 3 hours to 3 hours and 30 minutes long. I did not realize that I need to start with High volume 1, 2 and then go to 3.

So as I am entering my taper week, I would like to know which base plan to choose(I am an 18 year old road cyclist and might be doing cyclocross for the next season but I would like to get better at repeatable anaerobic power and good sustained efforts). I have checked out the sweet spot base plan but they do not have 3+ hours of endurance riding. I am currently doing 650 to 700 TSS per week. Any reccomendations?


You can modify the plans to suit your own needs, abilities and goals. If I were in your position I’d use the Sweet Spot Base Plans but replace one of the weekend rides with a longer endurance effort if you feel that better suits your needs.

Having said that don’t underestimate the difficulty of the sweet spot programmes. Just because they don’t include a longer endurance ride it’s still a good amount of stress.

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Julian is exactly right here.

We recomend Sweet Spot training for nearly all of our athletes. The only times we encourage Traditional Base is for those recovering from injury, or as a way to “double-down” on base. Aka, you would do 12 weeks of Traditional Base followed by 12 weeks of Sweet Spot Base.

If you prefer to have a long endurance weekend ride, then making a simple substitution to your weekend ride is highly encouraged. In fact, the 90-120 minute Saturday ride in the Sweet Spot Plan has about the same TSS as a 3 hour outdoor endurance ride, so it’s a perfect option for substitution.

I hope that makes sense, let me know if you have any further questions!

Thanks for the reply Julian and Bryce. I will then start the next block with Sweet Spot Base High Volume 1 and then replace those 2 hour workouts on the weekend with Flattop. Oh and yes they have 120-140 TSS which is almost the same as a 3 hour endurance ride on a flat road. I will try the first week and keep you posted. I still want to know if I gain the same TSS in 2 hours and in 3 hours, will the training effect be the same?. I am still open to more recommendations!

Edit: by training effect I mean will I still get better at endurance and will be able to do endurance rides after a while?