Need advise on this hilly race

I have signed up a race, it is on Dec.

Distance ; 58km
Elevation : 1508m
Avg grade : 7.2%

Here’s the route profile

58km may seems short. but considering the elevation 1508m.

First 12km is mostly flat, there after will be up up all the way.

For such race i guess it is a battle of watt?

I looked at the pass history, a 3.5w/kg rider finished this race in 2hr 30 mins.

But i can’t possibly riding at 3.5w/kg for 2hrs 30mins?

So, if you guys are going for this race, how do you tackle? Will you be riding mostly in Z2 or higher?


Threshold the first steep bit. Tempo, like 83-85% max HR and around the same % FTP for most of that climb. Attack over the top and punch the final bit up.

racing to win, or racing for best time? If the former, really need to see how others attack the climb.

If fastest personal time, Riding at constant power the entire time most likely won’t be the fastest way…it’s more of an over under, trying to gain some time on steeper sections.

Good luck!