Need advice on tyre cut

`Hi guys,

Got a tyre cut for the first time (lucky me) and need advice if should I bin it or it’s fine to run on.

The tyre is Conti GP5k, 1 year old, with (nomen omen) approx 5 kkm of mileage on rear. Bit squared but still wear indicator visible, so i was thinking of having 2-3kkm more on it until today, when inspected a cut.

Picture is below, but it seems to be 6-7 mm wide and approx 1-1.5 mm deep. What do you think?

I would replace it but Im sure there are a few that would not.


I would probably bin that one. I have in the past superglued a few smaller nibbles shut. You could try it.

If it pops open again or you feel the repair while you’re riding then bin it for sure.


Thanks guys, i will bin it, no need to take risk.

That was my first thought to bin, but decided to double check with more experienced ones as this is my first cut.

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It can be patched from the inside.

I’d glue over it and keep riding til you get punctures (assuming you’ve got the glass/flint out).

what does this mean?

Nomen omen (nomen est omen) is latin proverb meaning „name speaks for itself” - i used it here because i did 5000 km on this Conti GP 5000 :slight_smile:

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I have a very similar cut on mine. I have been riding about 6months with it like that and have not had any issues.

I already ordered a new one, after giving it a second thought i dont feel like it’s worth checking what would happen :wink: