Native forum search issues

So is something up with search function? Its giving me no results for certain terms which I know are in the forum. Google finds them no problem.

I think you are right. I have had some notable lacks of results in the last 2 days.

I am also not able to combine threads via mobile (Samsung Galaxy S9) because the info seems to span well off the screen (not scrollable full way).

I was hoping a Discourse update would come along and fix it, but not yet.

@Bryce , can you look into this?

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The search function seems to be working for me, is there a specific article that you know exists, but doesn’t show up in the search function? If I can reproduce this isssue, I can work with the design team to pin down thesource of the problem.

The first thing I noticed was Palisade was not showing up in search results.

From mobile, I was searching for my “Saddle Pain” thread, and not getting it as a result.
I just rechecked via mobile and it was found, as it should be. So that may be better/fixed.

I haven’t had need to merge threads on mobile in the last day or so, but will try again there the next chance I get, to see if it works properly now.

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I had a weird thing the other day where the I was searching for the term “variants”, but I only got results if I just typed in “variant”.

Doesn’t seem to be happening now so perhaps there was a temporary bug in the machine.

Edit: this was on web, as it happens.