My Whoosh! the new Zwift 2.0?

Exactly, the advert is the UAE.

It only underscores, IMO, that this is just a marketing play but the UAE. @cartsman noted it above in his first paragraph. By just giving it away for free, it only underscores that they don’t need the money, so why are they doing it?

@spinnnout also note that we are like.y the product…whether for sportswashing purposes, using our data for other reasons, whatever.

I don’t like LIV golf, the proposed One Cycling program, or a whole host of other petrol dollars-fueled marketing initiatives.

Plus, there is a history of ME countries jumping into stuff for a bit, getting bored and moving on. The sportswashing aside, these are all just billionaires’ playthings.


To be fair, you’re still not saying why that means you don’t want to use it.

Just because it is a middle eastern country giving it away for free means it’s bad? If it was a western corporation doing it, it would have been better?

I mean, sure, if it is just to undercut Zwift until Zwift is bankrupt, and then they start charging for it then it is a filthy business practice. But, supposedly, that is not the case, or so they claim now.


I don’t use it just because my laptop doesn’t run it. Otherwise, I’d dump my zwift subscription and happily ride MyWhoosh.


I really like it. Only downside to me is less people than zwift …but love the price so just use my free 25km a month on zwift now and use MyWoosh for rest. Sports wash me all you like for the price!

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I think I have outlined exactly why I won’t use it……if my answer above is not sufficient for you, that doesn’t make it my obligation to provide you with additional information.

Quite honestly, the undertone of your comment re: it being a ME country / company vs. a Western one doesn’t sit well.

Oh don’t worry, I don’t even really mind one way or another. Also, that undertone was copied from your own comments. But I’ll let it rest.


Well apparently you do since you responded to me.

Moving on.

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That was the original story given for the start of MyWhoosh, and it’s great that they have used their deep pockets to good use.

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I’ve tried it - says that it will run on my laptop with modified graphics settings - keeps crashing and losing my ride - so a wasted of time really. I know it’s free but if it says it will run then it should.

I am not actually using it currently, but apparently the recent releases have been trying to address how well it works on lower spec devices.

I use a desktop PC for my training apps that meets the MyWhoosh spec, and it has worked well, although having said that, the last time I used it there was a bit of image freezing going on for a few seconds at a time, but it never crashed.

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The few times I tried it, that also happened - the freezing.

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I’m likely to start using it when it’s integrated with Garmin Connect.

Have they said they’re doing that? Garmin hasn’t let anyone new integrate with them in… years at this point I think.

I can’t run the program after the last update, version 3.5.3. I haven’t used it for over a year but did fire it up towards the end of last year. My desktop PC has only a 1050 Ti. It’s too bad, it was working with out-of-spec video cards before. When my rig finally dies, I might give it another try.

FWIW I have one athlete who runs it for all of his trainer rides and he really enjoys it. He has a strong IT background, so probably running some gucci laptop or something, but he dumped Zwift and now just runs his workouts off his head unit for trainer control and MyWhoosh for eye candy.

He’s tried to get me to convert, but I like the Zwift events on the rare occasion I do them, so I wouldn’t drop Zwift entirely anyway.

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Yeah, that’s highly unlikely to happen at this point.

For whatever reasons, Garmin decided to stop allowing new entrants into the syncing inbound to Garmin Connect (ala Zwift, TrainerRoad, Tacx app). But that stop happened years ago, and others like FulGaz have been consistently denied. Roughly of course those timelines aligned to their purchase of Tacx and the Tacx app along with it.

Certainly, if a player like Peloton were to come along, I’m sure they’d make it happen. But I’d imagine MyWhoosh is very far down the totem pole of apps that Garmin would allow inbound sync to happen to, if they were to decide to open those gates again.

[And to be clear, this is only for inbound sync into Garmin Connect. Outbound sync is basically wide open to any entity that simply posts a privacy policy on an outward-facing website…even if that website is just one page.]

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Until Arab money steps in … :smile:


Man, that is a bummer. I guess I should stop holding my breath on Form swims making it to Garmin Connect.