MVDP numbers at Strade BIanche

In terms of revenue - there is no better league than NFL in any sport. There is no better financial entity than NFL - and it is done with sport that is only understood by Americans:)

NFL rigs stuff? Where’s the proof on that?

The NFL is successful because you buy into a team, not a player. Players come and go, teams never leave. NBA people rooted for players evident by MJ, Kobe, LBJ. MJ left and the NBA fell apart. Baseball is a mix of player and team.

From the professional athletes perspective cycling is a joke. Teams always change, riders always move. Only thing consistent is inconsistency. I can understand why people just root for riders from there country. Every year there are teams that lack funding. The riders get minimal amount of the money. I wish there was a way to make it better.

I don’t know about rig, but the league is definitely set up to limit bigger market teams from exploiting the obvious financial advantage, no?
Fully agree that the idea of teams in cycling is a bit of a different thing to some other sports, however I also think individual greatness is a big attractor of fans in a different way.
Touchy subject but when Lance was ruling the tour I think a lot of folks were way more engaged then previously.

The only hope for cycling to be a business (and I say this as an :eu:) is to Americans take the charge. The us people have an amazing gift to take any sport (even stupid, boring or strange) and changing it into amazingly entertaining even with huge following and flood of money. And I always admire that skill.

From the professional athletes perspective its a joke. Ill go fix my post

  • The “reverse” draft.
  • Revenue sharing.
  • Monopoly control of markets; lack of relegation/promotion.


The nfl is def set up to limit the ability of large market teams to leverage there assists.


woah lets not get ahead of ourselves

I think those are better then a ping pong ball bouncing around that gets your draft pick selected. Those ping pong balls could be “rigged”. I like the fact if your the worst team, you can choose who you feel the best player is.

The simple existence of a “draft pick” system is the NFL gaming the monopoly system for parity. American sports are the most ridiculously socialist system imaginable—and I say this as a fan of socialism in general.

Hmmmm…I could argue baseball is far from it since there is no salary cap, etc. but i think there is certainly some merit to the thesis.

Which brings up an interesting schism in the thinking of many of the fans who are diehard fans of their sports, but recoil at any mention of the S word.

But that is a whole different thread…and I ain’t touching that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Of course, the US has a long history of socialism for the oligarchs and laissez faire capitalism for the little guy.

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I guess you don’t rate running much as a skill then either, LOL. Is Usain Bolt any less impressive as a sportsman than an NFL star? He just runs in a straight line with big W/kg numbers right?

Cycling in a pro peloton demands a lot more “skill” than you obviously think. Not to mention a large dose of bravery. Yes you could win Zwift races on pure W/kg numbers alone, but that doesn’t mean you would win races in real life at the very top level. Of course there are many top Zwift racers who are competitive in real life racing, but only because they ride and race outside anyway. It takes a lot more than just a massive FTP to win real races.

I think the first sport to be turned into a first-person video game was probably motor-racing. Again that doesn’t translate very much into real life racing success!


Folks that think there’s no skill or strategy to bike racing don’t know much about bike racing. It’s like saying there’s no strategy to chess because you’re just pushing pieces around a board.


Today’s race was proof positive that it is FAR from being all about W/KG.


Sailer on MVDP’s De Ronde

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