MV Build, sweet spot day not progressing each week? [Resolved ✅ ]

I’m a few weeks into the build phase for my plan. When I hit build, I switched from LV to MV. Not every week but I usually still ride outside on the weekends and extend my workout with more zone 2 after the intervals are over.

I noticed that sweet spot progression levels are not increasing. In fact, last weekend I selected a harder one that I smashed, noticed it left the next weeks progression the same. I manually changed it harder.

then, after I completed my next workout (today), it the AI detection swapped that same sweet spot workout back down below what I even did last sunday.

What gives? Is it supposed to be doing this?

The only thing I can think of is accidentally hit a button on my keyboard and went from ERG to 50% resistance mode and ground myself to a halt for 15 seconds while I wondered what was going on with my trainer. Did that cause the AI detection to think I failed?

Hey @_1_1_1_1_com!

I’m going to take a look into this for you and I’ll get back to you when I have a clearer picture of what’s going on here :+1: .

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Just to circle back around in case other people have a similar question; Workouts included in your Training Plan will prompt adaptations. Manually scheduling workouts (by searching our Workout Library) will not directly impact the adaptations to your Training Plan as they are not associated to the original Training Plan. If you want to find a Workout similar but of a different duration or difficulty to your originally scheduled Workout, I suggest you use Workout Alternatives.

Workout Alternates are workout recommendations with a similar difficulty and workout profile as your original workout. It can be used to find workouts that are longer, shorter, or the same length as the original workout. Using Adaptive Training, Workout Alternates allow you to select a preferred difficulty in addition to choosing a duration. Difficulty levels are measured in comparison to your Progression Level for the workout’s training zone.

You can learn more about Workout Alternatives here: How to use Workout Alternates.

Hello @SarahLaverty, this statement sparks a question in my mind. It may have been asked and answered in another thread, but i’ve not found it thus far. On my last scheduled Ramp Test day, rather than take the test, i clicked the AI FTPD button. As my FTP only went up a few watts (3, IIRC), i chose to decline it to continue to allow my PL’s to climb (right or wrong, i’m not sure).

Due to a recent bug i’ve read about in the forums, the decline doesn’t SWAP out the Ramp Test (it didn’t for me that day), so I manually chose a replacement workout from the library (not realizing how it would affect AT). How will workout alternates work on Test day declines/future adaptations? Are alternates actually provided on test day (TBH i haven’t looked and don’t have another test scheduled for a few weeks)?