Music During Training, Eating in a Fast Race, Carb Loading and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 244

So I can keep listening to Grateful Dead. Also I like Aftershockz ( headphones when eiding outside, they leave your ears open

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USAC upgrade points: when you cat up does your points count restart? And is the new scheme retroactive (like do I have to go back and recalculate results from previous season), or is it only for results moving forward?

I dislike hydration packs so much, (comfort thing, not vanity) that I quickly learned how to drink from a bottle even during trickier sections. I usually use gels and carry plain water, although I might try TailWind this year for racing. I’ll also use my new USWE for events where a bottle doesn’t cut it. For those I’ll carry water in the pack and a mix in a bottle.

Has anyone tried carrying one bottle and a small water filter? I’ve done it on hot summer rides, just to avoid the pack!

I have to say this was the most enjoyable TR Podcast for me to date. Original cast, day drinking, MTB content, lots of lols. Thanks y’all- big fan here!


Good idea but avoid tailwind. Good idea, but poorly executed. Check out EndurElite, science in sport, maurten, or skratch for a higher quality drink mix

Tell me more…

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I’ve done Leadville twice on bottles only. 1 bottle of Infinit Nutrition per hour and that’s it.


ok which one of you is the other music major


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So much fun to watch the podcast video.

3:44 minutes in when Jonathan tells Chad there was “zero distance” Chad looks at Nate and nods with this look of pride…

Awesome Team

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Skratch is designed for hydration, not fueling.

What’s wrong with TailWind?

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I kinda get where @chad is coming from regarding strength of beers. 6% normally a decent sweet spot for me, with a preference for extra (rather than imperial) stouts. The problem I have is that I don’t have just 1, and end up drinking even imperials way to fast and too many! So I generally end up having 4 or 5 lower percentage beers, or picking styles that aren’t normally strong (Red Ales, ordinary Stouts).

Anyway, I’ve found BrewDog “Nanny State” to be a decent under 0.5% option. Certainly stacks up against 4% “Session” IPA’s. Wicklow Wolf “Moonlight” is similar, and uses added lactose for creaminess.

As an aside, here in Ireland Erdinger Alkoholfrei actually markets it’s isotonic properties. Not really a fan of wheat beers, but it’s better than any of the lager options!


It contains only 2 carbohydrate sources which means it COULD cause gut irratation for some people and the energy is also not as long lasting as a drink that has 3-5 sources of carbs. It also only has 25g of carbs in a 16oz bottle where as the others have 30-80.

I wouldn’t say tailwind is a bad product, they at least don’t use maltodextrin which is great, but there are just other products that are better

Here’s the Norcal cycling video explaining the Mike’s Bikes team tactics in the Cal Aggie crit. As Nate aluded to, Mike’s Bikes had a specific team plan going into the race targeting one guy (the Belgian . . .) and Nate was an unwitting victim of it because he was keying off the guy they were specifically trying to ride into the ground.


Where have you EVER heard Maltodextrin is bad? Not my experience and quite the contrary.

Maltodextrin is an extremely cheap carb filler and causes gut irratation to a lot of people.

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Oddly in 36 years of tri you are the first person I’ve ever heard say that. A large number of Kona winners have used Maltodextrin quite successfully, as I have. If you are experiencing gut issues, I suggest you look somewhere other than maltodextrin, perhaps a too large concentration of calories, as the lack of stomach issues is one of the huge factors in favor of maltodextrin.

I personally have not had an issue with it. But peer reviewed scientific studies show it can cause gut issues, stomach ulcers, and even with long term use cause cancer.

Another study.

@Nate_Pearson your idea about the historically protective effects of drinking beer rather than water is true. It’s only relatively recently (20th century) that infectious diseases haven’t been the top cause of death and there is a very famous example of Beer helping people survive (and leading to us making a huge breakthrough in fighting disease).

Jon Snow (not the Game of Thrones character) was a doctor in London when deaths from cholera started rising massively. People didn’t know what caused it so Jon Snow mapped the deaths and discovered that they centred around a water pump in Soho.

Two observations confirmed that the pump was the source of infection. A woman living miles away had died which was a huge outlier. She used to get water brought from this pump as that’s where she grew up. Also, the working age men in the area who drank exclusively beer were much less likely to die from cholera.

Jon Snow removed the pump handle and essentially stopped a cholera epidemic in the area. If you’re ever in London you can go to the Jon Snow pub close by and raise a drink to him.


I’ve never heard nad things about maltodextrin. That’s what I’ve always bought as my carb powder for drinks. What are other people using?

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I normally do my first longer ride of the weekend on Friday morning and listen to the podcast. Just about the time the boys were talking about music and training effects Clark got a little to much to pay attention and learn anything. Enter Sammy Hagar and the Wabo’s. Thank you Sammy for getting me through the next intervals.