Muscular Endurance, Time-Crunched Training, Hard Starts and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 343

Amber and Nate are back! Join us for a discussion on what muscular endurance actually is, how to train it, and how it makes you a faster and more capable athlete, as well as discussions on time-crunched training, avoiding blowing up at the beginning of rides and much more.

We’re excited for this one! Tune in Thursday morning at 8:00am Pacific!

Youtube Live Video:

Muscular Endurance, Time-Crunched Training, Hard Starts and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 343

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Updates from Nate and Amber!
  • Update from Ivy on her Singlespeed podium at CX Nats!
  • Guide to using TrainerRoad to plan a season of training
  • What is muscular endurance and how does it make you more capable?
  • How to train as a new parent and/or with limited time
  • Rapid Fire questions
  • How to avoid blowing up at the beginning of rides and races
  • Training for long and short races/rides


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Not a question, just a random post on how great AT is. I am in my first training block of the season using AT, and really appreciating the great work all of you have done!

I typically undertested when returning from offseason, then spend weeks trying to adjust FTP manually to make the workouts feel like I thought they should. Always ended up with too easy workouts, too hard workouts and a lot of stress to boot.

This year feels completely different. I did undertest as usual, but just used alternates to speed up level progression where it felt necessary/warranted. Seeing the levels adjusts workout by workout, and getting workouts that are striking the perfect balance between challenging and doable makes training so much more enjoyable!

As someone driven by numbers and motivated by mini-goals, I just want to thank the team at TrainerRoad for the little wonder that is AT!


Looking forward to having Nate and Amber back!


Did this happen? I don’t see that the podcast has been uploaded?


The stream is up on YouTube, but I’m also hanging out for the Pod upload.


Podcast is up


Soooooooo good to have Amber and Nate back. Not that I didn´t enjoy podcasts with all the other fabulous hosts but I have missed both of them. All of the hosts bring in various different points of views which is refreshing.
Thanks to the whole team!


@Jonathan 's comment on retirement was hilarious… and spot on. Great episode.

Good episode. It was interesting hearing Nate’s update re: depression & concussions. I have / have had (respectively) both so it stuck out to me. It’s not something that’s talked about very frequently. Also reminded me of a recent NPR short wave podcast about concussions, recovery, and long term effects.

I’m glad the wellbutrin helped; I’ve been taking it intermittently for about a decade and I can never really tell.


The new parent discussion was pretty relevant for me. We’ve got a 7 week old baby girl and it’s been a shock to the system. Training took a backseat for me and I’ve put on a bit of timber as a result. The OH only stopped cycling 3 weeks before popping but her cycling was more about state of mind than race fitness. I rejoined TR not all that long ago and used Train Now and found it so useful for the benefits that Nate outlined. I’m still using it for the moment but moving to a low volume plan for the new year.
Any of you got any views of early parenthood and training?

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I continue to listen for Ivy’s incredible laugh :smiley:


Don’t forget Ivy’s stellar humor. “I’m a plant mom, I’m busy!” :joy: :joy: :rofl: Priceless!


Did anyone catch when the estimated FTP on Ramp Test day goes live or is it already a part of Adaptive Training.

Welcome back Nate and Amber.

That related section starts here:

In short, it is a “future thing”, Nate is hoping for “in the next couple months” and there is no date listed for any release at this time.

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Piping in late for actors, but two that popped into my head based on the comments:

Jon: Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) is the super clean, over the top nice guy that comes to my mind.

Nate: Jon Hamm seems good fit (even if he’s 5" too short :wink: )

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