MTB Lights for 24HOP

What is everyone running for lights? Mainly looking for a helmet light but might buy a new one for the bars too

Garmin UT800 and Varia on the rear…I just move them from the roadie to the MTB. I think there is a trail version of the UT800 …

Light and Motion secco 2200 on bar and 1000 on helmet.

I started using the M-Tiger sports series from Rakc Lighting. I have the Theia and it works great for 24 races, 3 different power settings all controlled from a remote switch you can put on your bars. When worn as a helmet light the lead is perfect to just slide the battery in your center rear pocket on your jersey. It comes with a hard case and several different mounting options, handlebar mount, helmet, etchelmetlightback helmetlightcloseoup