Moving a week of workouts

After a bike fit yesterday, the fitter added a 12 mm spacer to a pedal as a temporary measure because that’s what he had on hand while the long-term solution of a 4 mm spacer is delivered (ETA 1 -2 weeks). As a result, I’m not sure how hard to ride over the next couple of weeks (full, scheduled workouts vs. maintenance type rides). I’m thinking of using the “move week” feature to try to effectively push the two weeks forward. Question - what happens downstream of that move? Since the A event doesn’t change, do all of the downstream rides get rearranged? What’s been your experience?

Move week will literally just copy + paste your workouts, which will work if you do some swapping and move your chill recovery week to now, and shuffle weeks around. It may make more sense to use Workout Alternates to decrease your volume while you’re seeing how the new fit goes and checking in with your body.