Mountain passes

I’m looking to find a few workouts that would mimic or train me for climbing mountain passes. I’m new to Trainer Road. Have done Basic - medium and working though Build.
I have done Ride the Rockies, and am signed up for the Triple By-Pass.
I have toured across the US and do Randonneur endurance rides.
Living at low elevations with maximum 8% grade and 1/2 mile long hills isn’t the same. Hill repeats help but you rest every time you come back down.

Age 59 with FTP 220.
I know I won’t spin up the mountain. But am capable of grinding my way up an over anything.
I would love to spin but find myself in the last gear and at least I can keep a steady cadence.

All I know for sure is that if I train hard, a long hard day is more enjoyable.


Do the Sustained Power plan as your build phase, and Century plan as specialty.

Also, get easier gearing on your bike. 50-34 cranks, and 11-32 cassette.