More time on TR, less time on the bike, best year ever

I’ll most likely never have a better year on the bike than 2020…and it was a real roller coaster ride. In the first month’s of the year while training for my first ultra event I crashed a week out. Post crash my back and ankle were definitely sore but I raced anyhow, set the course record, finished ahead of every other rider in the field.

Later on I found out that I had a torn kidney & broken ankle. Apparently if you don’ take care of a torn kidney properly it can mess you up. When I finally got back on the bike all my TR gains were gone! :smiley: I mean…everything since 2018.

But by the end of the year it was all back & in 2020 I was able to set record 1 hour power, record power for all times above 2.5 hours up to 25 hours, and record power for all times less than 1:40.

I won a national championship, set the course record at every ultra event I did, and won every race I entered up to December when I DNF @ a 150k TT. And I spent about 100 hours less on the bike. So that’s pretty good ROI. And since more of my training time than ever was on TR the chances of getting killed by a motorist plummeted…so that’s all good.


My exercise time is up and speed is up despite my road miles being down.
In 2019 I had 5weeks off due to a major op, it was pre TR and only distance on the rollers were recorded.
2020 has naturally saw more time but I have also been doing TR so about 2700 miles are virtual.

How many hours did you spend on the bike?

All that deserves more than a simple thumbs up can convey. Glad the kidney didn’t cause any problems for your health during the event.

I bet those extra 100 hours in previous years were still valuable this year, as long-term growth and volume are important.

Grip it and rip it in 2021.

9.25 hrs/wk.


I’ll say it again: :flushed:

I could probably smash out a 25hr PR. It’d be somewhere in the 3-5w range but still…

Awesome for all your success! Nat champ is sweet! :trophy:

Maybe less bike time meant more recovery time?

For sure but also better quality recovery. Just generally less stress. Not every single daily schedule is stuffed to the scuppers with work and training.