More Motivated in the Drops or Even Tucked on the Hoods - Motivational Toolbox

Didn’t want to chaff the More Power in the Drops thread so I thought I would drop this here.

May be more of a mental imagery thing for me but I find going into the drops or riding tucked really can help me get through an effort, whether it is a brief burst above FTP in Mary Austin or to break up a long threshold effort. Typically just moving to the drops my cadence goes up 3-7 rpmish (wag). For me I think it is reflection of reality manifesting in training. If I go to the drops I am going to do something, attack, pull or ride a headwind solo with a solid effort.


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Agreed. I sometimes even visualize that I’m in a race and do a little looking around and pretend to set myself up for a turn coming up. Get low and make sure I position myself well against my imaginary foes. I know, I’m weird. But it can break up the monotony and take my mind off the pain.

My heart rate can rise pretty quickly in the drops, so if I’m doing VO2 max, this may only last for a few seconds. It’s much better during SS or over-unders.

Definitely. I watch YouTube videos posted by riders in Europe when I’m doing cadence drills going up hills. And go into the hoods/drops when they hit flats/downhill. I sometimes catch myself leaning my head when they’re going around tight corners!!