Missing TR workout images on Strava [Resolved ✅]

Update for both the prior Strava outage that impacted images, and for last night’s scheduled maintenance:

We reprocessed rides and pushed over new images to Strava for rides impacted by their outage earlier in the week. These rides should have images now, and any workouts impacted by Strava maintenance should be re-synced as well!

Let me know if any issues persist.


Mine is still gone because I actually deleted it from Strava and then I couldn’t get it back on to Strava in any form. And per @SarahLaverty recommendation, I disconnected from Strava this morning. Do you think I should still wait the 48 hours before reconnecting TR to Strava? Or do you think it’s ok to go ahead and reconnect and resync whenever? Thanks!

No problem! You don’t need to wait 48 hours, but you should disconnect Strava from your ride-sync, select “keep data”, then reconnect and confirm you check all of the available options/boxes during the reauthorization process.

Once this is complete, you’ll want to try and re-sync with Strava.
If that still doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll have an engineer dig into it, but you should be all set after that!

Kinda sorta related (didn’t want to start a new thread), just did a tempo workout today and the progression level for tempo is different in my Strava pic vs. what my Career page shows…


Hi @IvyAudrain , no luck with the resyncing. I disconnected the TR-Strava connection and let it sit overnight, then reconnected this morning and tried again. I used my iOS app and I received no errors this time, but nothing was sent to Strava. I then went to my ride from my calendar and hit the Strava button but the green circle only pulsed and did not actually send data to Strava. Please engage the engineers! Thank you!

Alternatively… if this remains a problem, is there a way to upload the ride to Strava manually but with the virtual speed and distance calculated? I manually upload the workout (FIT file) but it just ended up with the standard, straight-from-the-trainer, lesser distance. (I since deleted that upload from Strava so there’s no time stamp conflicts.)

Alright, while we’re still working this out, I’m going to upload what I can. Still hoping for a proper syncing resolution. Thanks!

@RMS138 I’m looking into this for you! I will circle back when I have more information for ya.
@jjstein28 - one of our engineers is working on this for you! :raised_hands:

I’ll keep you both updated :+1: .


It seems images are not syncing again today. I assume this the case for others as well?

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Yep. My image didn’t upload today.

Any progress on my issue? Thanks!

@SarahLaverty / @IvyAudrain
I reached out to Strava support and they were able to restore the original upload (that I had deleted) with the correct info including the distance, but with no image. Would it be possible to re-push the data from TR to Strava to maybe get the image to correctly populate as was done to resolve the original issues for everyone? Thanks!

Hey there @jjstein28!

Our team is working on this one at the moment. I’ll shoot you a DM with more info. :slight_smile:

Everything should be functioning properly again between Strava & TR regarding the workout images. If anyone is still having trouble, please make sure that the option to “Share Workout Image” is ticked ON under your Strava settings on your Ride Sync page.

Feel free to let me know if you need any additional help or contact TR Support!