Missing TR workout images on Strava [Resolved ✅]

Is there a problem with the TR images uploading to strava. My workout finished and uploaded a while ago but still no image.


I noticed the same at 1240 UTC.

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Me too… I did a peloton stretch after my TR workout and that usually has an image. That also did not upload to Strava. So, I’m thinking it’s a Strava issue…? Seems to be affecting others is my feed as well.

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Mine is still missing.


Several of my TR friends and I have the same issue that started with today’s rides. I also emailed Strava support and will report back if I hear anything useful.


Yes my TR friends have the issue too.

Experienced the same issue last night.

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Hey guys! Thanks for raising this.

Strava sometimes performs image-related A/B tests (where a handful of users/rides are randomly selected) where the ride image isn’t showing in some instances. From what we’ve seen, these A/B tests include:

  • Not displaying the ride image for some rides but not others on a specific account
  • Not displaying the ride image for all rides on a specific account
  • Displaying the image for the individual to see, but not displaying the image on their feed for others to see

It sounds like this may be what you guys are running into here.

Some of these tests seem to specifically target rides imported from other platforms that include custom thumbnails (like our interval graphs). However, we of course aren’t quite as privy to all of the details here, and I wouldn’t want to be giving out misinformation regarding this.

In most instances, athletes waiting a few days or so for the specific test to conclude is enough for your rides to start looking normal again. But if you’d like to be sure that this is what’s happening, I’d recommend contacting Strava directly since they should be able to tell you more.

Some athletes have had success by following the steps below, so it might be worth a shot:

  1. Login to Strava and find one of your workouts that do not have the workout graph image.
  2. Delete the workout in Strava.
  3. Then find that completed workout in TrainerRoad from your Calendar.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and re-sync the workout to Strava using the Ride Sync button as shown below.
  5. Once you do that, wait a few minutes. Then check to see if your workout graph image shows up on Strava.

Let me know if anyone has any questions about this!


Happening on other apps too (FitBod) so it’s on the Strava side for sure.

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This fixed the issue for me. Thank you

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Fixed it for me too thanks.

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…but if I delete my ride in strava i’ll lose my kudos. Both of them! :scream:


Don’t worry. I’ll give you kudos if you post your strava link


Mine was a vo2 max workout so i HAD to have the TR image :sweat_smile:


@NateP @Doughnut-Heed yaaaaay! Thanks for letting us know- good to know for future!

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@SarahLaverty I went ahead and deleted my ride on Strava. Then used the app to resync. It showed on Strava same as before, with no image.

Soon deleted it again from Strava and then I tried on the website from the workout page and the green circle :green_circle: on the Strava icon just flashes and nothing happens.

I tried the app again and it gives me an error.

Any suggestions? Or just try again later? I feel like I may have broken Strava… Thank you!

Hello - had the same experience. After a couple minutes my TR image came through on Strava. Hope yours does too.

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@SarahLaverty This morning’s workout synced properly, but still no luck with getting yesterday’s to Strava. Green circle just pulses when I click the Strava link from the ride in my TR calendar and no error in the app, but nothing seems to go to Strava. Is there anything that you can do on your end?

@jjstein28 I’m glad that this morning’s workout synced over! Good news!

I will try pushing yesterday’s Workout to Strava from my end.

If that doesn’t work, you can try disconnecting from Ride Sync for a full 48 hours, and then reconnect. The reason we will want to wait 48 hours is, this will allow the token between TrainerRoad and the platform we’re syncing to, to fully refresh. We can do this via the following:

  1. Open your Ride Sync page [click].
  2. Disconnect the platform, and if given the option, choose “Keep Data.”
  3. Wait a full 48 hours
  4. Reconnect once more, here [click].

Finally, if neither of these options work, you may have to manually upload the ride to Strava. I don’t think this will enable the TrainerRoad image to sync but at least you will have the Workout logged in Strava. It sounds like your subsequent rides will upload correctly so at least it will only be one ride without the TrainerRoad image.

To learn how to download the ride file from TrainerRoad, check out this article: Download Ride File.
To learn how to upload the file to Strava, check out this article here: Upload a file from your computer.

Let me know how you get on and if you have any other questions for me! :smiley:


I disconnected after my ride this morning, just now. So we’ll reconnect on Saturday and see if that solves it. Thank you!

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