Missing Punch for Cyclocross

Hey guys,

I used plan builder to build a training plan for my cyclocross schedule (first medium volume and now low volume since 4 weeks as I want to add some skill sessions). Everything worked great I´ve had a Base, Build and already one specialty phase since summer. currently im in another Base phase. My A race is on the 7th of january. I feel strong and have v02, treshold levels around 6-6.5 and sweetspot around 4.5. Anarobic is 2.6. The first race and training races felt good but I was missing a lot of punch. I noticed that the CX plan doesn´t have any sprint training at all (at least for me). How do I get more punch? Should I change something in my plan or does the next specialty phase with more anarobic trainings provide me with more punch?

thanks a lot for suggestions!

You need to try and determine why you were missing that “punch”….IOW, were you just gassed at the moment it was required and had nothing left to give, or were you just lacking the power necessary to stay with the other riders?

Once you know the cause, you can figure out how to address it….because there are likely different prescriptions to address each.

Cross requires some torque that TR definitely doesn’t address in the plans of theirs I have seen. 30/30s where you start in a fairly large gear then spin up to your typical hard effort can help. You really wanna get the muscles involved more than a road specific set of repeats. If you are on the trainer, ditch erg mode. If you are on the road, start one or two gears higher. If you have a makeshift cx course, then just do that.

Thanks! It’s more like I’m missing the power in accelerations to stay in the wheels. Like accelartions out of turns or on some steeper parts that start relatively flat. Once I have the speed I’m able to keep it but I’m missing some of the snappiness I had last season. Only trained unstructured last season. It was more like there a nice steep section lets go full speed and recover after.

I think you might be misunderstanding what I’m saying. Addressing those torque muscular parts will get you the snap you are looking for. Your cx game isn’t going to see much improvement if you just go out and do sprints, because of the repeated nature. You need something specific to the discipline, which is more torque oriented than just about any other discipline.

No no I totally get you. My message was a reply to the post above yours :slight_smile:
I get the more torque thing… that really simulates deep pitches when I´m not able to shift while applying a lot of power.
All in all I also try to have a high cadence even at cross. I think this helps me to get better acceleration out of turn for example and helps me keep the momentum.

At starts for example I also have the feeling I´m missing punch. I´m able to keep a relatively high power for a decent amount of time but I have the feeling I´m not able to perfome high peak power.
For example last season I alwasy had peaks aroung 1000 - 1150 watts. This season I´m more like around th 850-900 while weighting 1,5-2 kg more than last season.

the “punch” might not be there but are you performing better at the races?

If you are finishing higher than before the punch natural isn’t there because you are exerting more power/performance during the race.