Mismatched Calorie Data

Just wondering why the calendar snapshot and the ride chart calories do not match?
Per math using duration and average power the calories should match what calendar snapshot says, so where is 470 coming from?
Also if workout wanted rider to average 178watts for 45 mins wouldn’t that be a caloric goal of 481 not 396?



470 is if you did the full workout


Think that might be a minor bug on the browser-based calendar. Both the calorie mismatch and the fact that it shows 470/396 instead of 396/470 which would be more consistent with the way your actual vs planned Power, TSS and IF are shown.

Just had a look at one of my incomplete workouts, it shows actual/planned calories on the desktop app and IOS app, but on the browser it’s showing planned/actual calories and shows slightly higher numbers than on the apps, similar to you. Guess in practice it’s immaterial, they’re within 1-2% and I’m not calorie counting anywhere near that accurately!

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But it is backwards on just kj(Cal). Just like what @cartsman was saying.

Confirmed @cartsman. Orientation is correct in app and the planned calories is much closer to math verses the 470 mentioned above. @bnied FYI

This is very peculiar @davido619, would you mind reporting this to our Support Team? This appears to be a processing error on the web, and we’re not exactly sure what could be causing such a major difference. Is this the only workout affected by this issue?

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@bryce Looks like it is just an issue with Monitor -4. I looked at other user’s past rides and found other incomplete rides where the actually and planned were backwards.

I can forward to Support Team.

Edit. Looks like it is also an issue with other workouts as well.

There are some workout(s) without calories, just showing “—”, too.

If you could include links to multiple affected workouts, that would really help the Support Team pinpoint the issue :+1: