Milano San Remo Sportiff June 11, 2023

Hi gang.

I am fortunate enough to participate in the Milano-SanRemo Sportiff June 11, 2023. (baring another Covid outbreak and Political Stuff)

I am 52 and this is my bucket list ride. I rode the last part, Cipressa and Poggio a few times in 2017.

Using plan builder beginning Nov 1 (it’s TrainNow in the off season this month)

I have two questions…

  1. I can ride a good 5 hour century but always cramp in the last 20 miles. I can keep going but standing causes those terrible muscle ripples. Last summer I did a century in Virginia and nutrition was on point calorie/Carb wise. I held a good 180watt average with a low ftp of 261 then. Now My FTP is 271 and I see an increase coming. I used , UCAN Energy for pre…On Bike Maurten 360, Scratch Hydration, Nunn Elctrolytes tabs and since I am a heavy sweater, PH 1500.
    I ate one ANZAC bar per hour. (Very good Australian cookie bars). Even with this strategy when going up over the James river in an heat index of 108F, I was hurting. I now use a very good Chiro and and amazing Physio Sports Massage therapist 2x a month for optimum recovery.

I just started using a KICKR. During October I am learning how to use it efficiently…you know ERG/Standard modes etc…! GCN just ran a interview with UAE Coach on zone 2 training. He claims it builds a resistance to Lactic Acid build up.

In plan builder I am on Mid Volume beginning Nov 1. Should I alter workouts to meet 3-4 days of zone two and 2 days of Vo2 etc…? I want to finish MSR…in 10.5 hours. Thoughts. And I know there is a lot to unpack. I’d like to increase FTP 10 to 20 watts.

2, Any English speakers on here planning to do this ride in June? I can speak enough Italian to both communicate and understand…much of this event is ridden by French, Spanish, German, Slovinian and a HUGE number of Belgians…I only have time to learn Italian better. Belgians speak Flemmish and French (sorry, I don’t know).

Love to hear from Ultra Endurance folks. I do race locally and my training was for shorter 45min to 1 hour TT and road races. This is loooooooooong.