Mid-volume plan too easy

Newbie alert!
Since I am already in good (not excellent) shape I selected the mid training plan,
ERG mode, for my first workout.
After 8 minutes my HR never got above 136 in the Collins(?). I saw the percentage in the bottom right and raised it to 128%. Now HR started climbing to 153 or so. But I do not have an hour to work out, so have to do something about that. Could only go 2 minutes into the 190 watt segment, by then, it was 42 minutes.

Why is there no speed? Because of ERG mode? I still like to log my miles on my club website…

Distance means nothing on a trainer. It’s all about kJs. Some trainers can be set up to report speed or you can put a speed sensor on your rear wheel if that’s your bag.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate an hour or two to training then you’re not going to be able to take advantage of the mid volume plan. You should look at the low volume or time crunched 30 or 45 min maintenance plans.

Collins is an aerobic/recovery ride so your HR shouldn’t get super high. It’s meant to get you on the bike but not fatigue you between your ramp test and the next, more difficult workout the next day. By jacking the percentage up to 120+% you’re no longer doing an aerobic ride and it’s now a sweet spot or threshold workout which isn’t the purpose of that ride. 8 minutes into the first proper workout of a plan is way way way too early to begin evaluating if the plan is too easy. Wait till after week 3 or 4 and then you will have a better idea of how the cumulative fatigue is affecting you.


I ‘lost’ my two sensors when I removed the wheel :wink:
Did not see those 30/45 minute plans, I will search for them.

Just checked the Strava site and speed and distance were logged there by TR. So, was able to log that in my club website.

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