Mid-block ramp test - replace or shift workouts?

I have a new power meter pedals arriving today (Assioma Uno) and I want to put them and start training off the power from the pedals instead of the trainer (Kickr core). If I do the ramp test tomorrow, should I replace the workout on my calendar, or push everything back a day this week? I’m a couple weeks into SSBLV I*, usually throwing in a couple of z2 workouts on the “off” days, so I have the time. I just don’t want to sabotage my week by following up the Ramp Test with Carillon the next day.

* Plan builder threw in an extra week of Build, so even though I’m almost done with SSBI, I have three weeks before the start of SSBII and the next scheduled ramp test.

I wouldn’t replace…if you have the time. I would consider rearranging to add a Z2 ride after the ramp test on the same day or push everything a day back.