Mental/physical preparation for a race....then it gets cancelled

This year has been a huge turning point on focus and training for racing and setting goals. We started out with a 8 race XC season and the first 4 races went fine. Race 5 found racers waiting in the rain for staging/start then a 2 hour postponement, within that 2 hours a full cancel was announced. Race 6 was cancelled on Wed due to forcasted rain and the conditions of the staging/parking/camping areas, once again all amped up and looking forward to racing and need to crank it back a few notches. Numerically points wise this is making a mess, we went from Best 5 out of 8, now its been adjusted to Best 3 out of 6 with 2 races to go making these last 2 races beyond important for anyone involved in the top 5 including series bonus points that are available.

Needless to say I’m bored out of my mind and I have planned a 100 mile ride on Sat on the MTB to spin the legs and get some peace of mind…

Congratulations on your training discipline. I think many of us have had our race plans disrupted and understand your frustration.

You’ll get more out of your planned long ride by setting goals for yourself from the attainable to the outrageous, just to keep it lively, Race against yourself, inner demons, outer demons etc. Or use the ride to test some fueling strategies or make it a series of attacks and holds.