Mcgregor -6 Outside option?

I am scheduled for Mcgregor -6 today. I decided I would do it outside since it is a nice day but it doesn’t give me the option to switch it to outside. Is there a reason this workout shouldn’t be done outside or has this workout just been overlooked in regards to creating the outside version? Or is this just an issue I am having?

There are a bunch like that, they just don’t have outside versions. It should be easy enough to find a similar workout with an outside version.

Glassy -1 and Glassy -2 have outside versions; they’re 1:30 long and are similar progression levels to McGreger -6, I’d do one of those.

I am using AT, do I still get adaptions if I switch the workout? Last time I did that AT didn’t recognize the workout for adaptions.

I think so but no promises!

I think the best way to ensure this happens is to use the “alternates” tab to replace the existing workout.

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Yup, I’ve been finding a few workouts without the “Outside” option. For this one, I just went with McGregor -5. It has the Outside option with a little bit higher TSS.
I always prefer the Outside option for those a Nice Days :sunglasses: