McAdie-2 Question

evening all,

i just finished McAdie-2 while following the sweetspot base mid volume plan. i only had an hour this evening so reduced the workout.

this workout is meant to be at threshold according to the TR description, but i actually increased the resistance to 102% for the full final interval. as this is over / unders, i thought this would have stressed me harder as the description states it is a threshold workout.

what are other peoples thoughts on this and has anyone experienced the same? i’m happy to work to it based on the TR FTP setting but found myself a little confused as i thought it would be harder.

i started this plan 2nd July, so just under a month in now.

any input appreciated!

It’s 3x12 slightly below FTP normalized power. 12 minutes at threshold shouldn’t be ‘that bad’. 12 minutes at barely above ftp should still be manageable.

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You did cut it short so there’s that. Also, not every workout should leave you feeling completely spent. With an IF in the mid-high 80’s it isn’t a workout “to failure” so to speak.

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i am new to TR, i’m used to thinking about threshold values from racing cross - basically holding on for an hour. 12 minutes isnt bad as you say compared to an hour in a cross race.