Max heart rate way way down after covid

Vaccinated in March with Moderna and got a mild case of delta a month ago. I now can not get my heart rate above 140 no matter how hard I try. Power is down a bit as well but I think that’s a function off time off bike.

Prior to either of those I could easily crack 200+ BPM in a hard effort. Anyone else seeing anything similar? Primary care doc didn’t take it at all seriously and said not worry about it.

Did I understand you correctly, you’re able to produce nearly the same power, but with far lower heart rate?

Im about 25% off my peak, but yes.

Rest and recover. Probably will take longer to recover from.

Oi, go easy for longer. Don’t screw with Covid.

Am I reading your post correctly that your pre-covid max HR was >200 and now you’re not able to able get past 140 BPM? I’m no doctor but that sounds bad. Definitely no hard efforts until you can figure out what’s going on. Hopefully it’s just residual fatigue but if I were you I know I’d be pushing my Doc for all the tests.

FYI I’m on day 10 since testing positive myself, had a couple of really miserable days but seem to be over the worst if it. I’ve done a couple of 30min “recovery” rides the last couple of days and if anything my HR is higher than I would expect for the effort.

Ok, 25% is significant and would explain lower HRM. Rest up, my friend!

Do you happen to have anything that measures HRV?