Mattresses and pillows you love?

I use a weighted blanket and I love it! It feels weird to sleep with a normal blanket now.


I brought this pillow from ikea and since purchasing, my sleep time (recorded on Fitbit) has improved from 6.5 hrs to 7.2 hrs. I’m more fresher at work and more able to conquer the week. Investing in sleeping materials is at the cheaper end of investments you can make for your training.


@Nate do they live up to the hype in terms of improved sleep quality?

Thunderstorms probably dont bother you anymore right?


SleepNumber bed with memory foam top. Amazing. And doesn’t break down over time.

“I love my pillow” pillow. Thought this was a gimmick, but turned out to be awesome.

Duvet instead of sheets/blankets (I like to “cocoon”).

And I usually sleep with a body pillow, snuggling it if I’m on my side, or on top of me if I’m on my back.

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Hmm, can’t say. It does feel like I get a giant hug while I sleep though :slight_smile:.


I got the one Nate recommended and yes it’s awesome. Combined it with an Ooler cooling mattress pad so that I don’t end up on top of the weighted blanket in the middle of the night. The combo is the best ever.


I love when mattress and pillow are made from foam, cause it can really relax you after hard day at work. Besides mattress and pillow, you should pay attention to the bed sheets, as well. Here is and awesome bed set named IDEAhome Jersey Knit Fitted Cot Sheet ( from here: ), and it’s made from 100 % natural materials, you can be confident about it.

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My MTB biker brother swears by his Sleepnumber mattress. I have one on the way.

I have and am getting rid of my Tempurpedic. Was great for about 15 years. But a small bowl like depression in it slowly grew over time and now it is a problem.

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If you’re prepared to drop the coin, consider a 100% natural latex mattress. With 100% natural latex, you get a feel similar to standard foam mattresses, the best longevity of any mattress material and none of the concerns of off gassing. They are expensive though and they weigh a tonne so moving them can be a challenge.

I would also consider a wool mattress protector. The wool will help to protect the mattress, regulate body heat and breathe.

For pillows, I absolutely love my shredded “feather” 100% natural latex pillow. It feels sort of like a lofty, airy, but also very dense down pillow. You can mold it how you like and it will hold its shape and loft much better than a good down pillow.

If you’re considering going the natural latex route, ensure that it is 100% natural. I remember reading about some companies that deceptively label their mattresses as natural, but are only partially natural.

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I’m with @Keopele… I love my Flobed mattress and the shredded latex pillow. The Flobed is a natural talalay latex mattress, and you can fully customize it to suit you and your sleep partner’s weight and sleep habit (side, stomach, back…). My partner and I have been incredibly happy with ours, and we’ve had it for almost 7 years now. I started sleeping with their shredded latex pillow probably about a year after I got the mattress and it’s been fantastic; my partner just switched to the same pillow a couple of months ago and is really happy with it as well.

We were a little nervous buying it through the mail, sight unseen, but it’s been absolutely wonderful and we’ve never looked back. My partner is very sensitive to smells, and this one never gave off any awful smells. We had tried another shredded latex pillow and it reeked… even after sitting outside in the Arizona heat for a month or so.
We use a wool mattress cover during the colder months, and switch to a 100% cotton one in the summer months.
If someone wants a referral let me know… I think there is some benefit I might be able to get you through a referral.

How do you like your Ooler? I have one coming and we were going to talk about it on the podcast. What temp do you have yours set to?

Where did you buy those??

I’m a huge fan of my

I bought one for myself. Then my girlfriend stole it, so I bought a second one for myself. :slight_smile:

Why do you like it so much?

Like the heavy blanket, I can’t imagine not having it. My wife says I’m like sleeping next to a furnace. I’ve always slept with at least a foot sticking out of the covers, and often I’d end up completely on top. After having the Ooler several months, I sleep completely under the heavy blanket and I’ve only overheated a couple times. Once being when I tried using both my 20 lb blanket and my wife’s 12 lb. Felt great but too hot!

I have my unit set on “Low,” which is below 55 degrees. The effect of the Ooler is rather subtle. I have mine scheduled to turn itself on before I get in bed. Sometimes it feels really cold at first, but that feeling doesn’t last very long. During the night it doesn’t feel cold, or even cool. It just feels comfortable. The tubes aren’t very big and are several inches apart. There’s no way it does very much heat exchange. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even doing anything, but if I turn it off I overheat.

Speaking of heating to wake up, you can have it scheduled to do that. I have mine turn itself off about 30 min before I want to get up. That works well enough.

The tubes are small and I don’t notice them under me. But the unit is kind of loud. Mine is set on “silent” mode but it’s not even close. Thankfully it’s a white noise. My unit is louder than my wife’s. I might ask the company about that at some point.

i’m interested in hearing what you think!

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We bought a Molecule mattress, Tom Brady endorses so it must be good! :joy: I have sat slept in it yet because our new bed frame won’t be here until the end of the week. We opened it up and let the foam rise and off gas and I laid on it briefly but can’t tell how it is. I’ll report back. It has great reviews tho but, we will see.

I have never found a good pillow. I’ve had a memory foam, Casper, My Pillow and they all suck. The Casper was the most disappointing of them all, it feels like a hard lump. I went to a mattress store that sells the brand Purple to try out their mattresses and they had a mattress sample they were using as a pillow and it seemed really intriguing. I need to see if they sell pillows. I am banned from buying any new pillows for awhile tho haha.

It does keep your head cool if you sleep warm.

It also feels like the pillow lets your head sink in just enough. Plus it’s adjustable, if you want to pull out some of the filling.

I previously used a memory foam pillow.

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Silly looking website but Snuggle-pedic makes some awesome pillows. I’ve had two for just past a year and no issues. They are also made in the USA.

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I actually got my Ooler back in August, as I was having lots of trouble with night sweats waking me up. I havent had one night like that since I got the ooler, so I guess it works. I wrote a few blog posts about my experience. With a 90 day return policy, nothing to lose!

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