Dear all,

I am looking for a Mason Bokeh. What size would you recommand me (56 or 58). I am 1m80.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards

Not an owner, but have you tried comparing what you have now with something like bikeinsights?
Compare: 2023 Mason Cycles Bokeh 3 56CM vs 2022 Fairlight Cycles Faran 2.0 Regular 56R - Bike Insights,

I’m sure Mason would also be quite responsive if you email them with some dimensions, inside leg, height, etc.

I’ve got a 56. 1.79 m tall but have short arms so need a higher stack than normal so the size depends on your individual body proportions. Drop them an email or phone them. They were very good with me.

Definitely not a 58. I’m 183 and a 56 fits me great.

If your slightly shorter in the leg than the torso you will be in the ball park for a 54 as well.

Thanks a lot ! Could you please kindly tell what is your opinion concerning your Bokeh ? I will use it 70% on road (with road wheels) and 30% on gravel (with Gravel wheels). Is this bike ok on road (especially on mountains climbing)? Is it confortable for long distance (350kms and more). I am actually on a Origine Graxx2 (Carbon bike). Thanks again for your help ans sorry for my english (I’m french).

The bike is superb in my opinion. I also have the Definition and the geometry and ride quality is virtually identical. All of the reviews are very good and the build quality of the frame and design is superb.
The frame is basically a sturdy version of their road frames and I run the same set of wheels on it all the time and just change the tyres to suit the conditions.
If you look at all the ultra endurance riders in europe you wil see a lot of them on Mason bikes and of its good enough for them then it will do for me. If you are in between sizes then its generally a lot easier to be fitted to a smaller frame than a larger one. Hope this helps

I love mine. It’s definitely more to the road end of gravel as opposed to the MTB end so for your use it should be great. Because i ride some rough bridleways where I live I’ve put a Shock stem and a Crane Creek esilk suspension post on it which has improved the ride on rough stuff a lot. I’m not to bothered about the extra weight as most of my off-road riding is pretty chill.