Mary Austin - to -1 or not to -1, that is the question

Relatively new here, and Mary Austin -1 is scheduled this weekend. So - what is the TR ethics concerning the -1 (lower % of FTP intervals) vs The Original (higher %)? You do the -1 and just assume it, you HTFU and do the Original, you do the -1 but conveniently forget to mention the “-1” in “I just did Mary Austin”?

Follow the schedule unless your fitness or life circumstances dictate otherwise?

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If you have a HTFU hammer that is looking for a nail then I would use it to nail compliance not training stress.

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Trust Coach Chad and stick to the plan. Mary Austin -1 is Mary Austin. When you finish, if you think it was too easy, well then you can do the original the next time you go through SSB.

Personally, I did Mary Austin instead of the -1 because I had already done it three times successfully prior to the training plan changes and thought it was BS that TR changed the workout due to compliance issues.

That said, you aren’t going to get any significant extra benefit beyond personal satisfaction by doing the tougher one. But, for me, personal satisfaction is a big driving force in my training.