Make your own Beta Fuel (from normal SiS)

What do you need to convert standard SiS to Beta fuel?

(I was thinking going from 1:1 to 1:.8, so add roughly 10% original weight of maltodextrin)

If you searched the forum you would find this :point_down:

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Yes, I’ve seen that. My question’s specific to adapting normal SiS powder rather than making it from scratch. Cheers though :slight_smile:

Oh my bad I mis read your question

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Im not sure where you are seeing that sis is 1:1. I would be very suprised as the beta fuel is less than that, and the old beta fuel was 2:1.

The container I have (of Go Electrolyte, the Go Energy has less fructose but Ive never used it) has 36g of sugar of which is 6.7g “sugar”. We can assume based on how they label that the 29.3 is maltodextrin and the 6.7 is fructose. A quick look I see no other carb sources but may have missed one.
Thats a 4.37:1 ratio of glucose to fructose or 1:0.23

To get to a 1:0.8 ratio you would have to actually add fructose, not maltodextrin, at a ratio of 16-17g (16.74 to be exact assuming it is EXACTLY 36g) per 40g scoop of sis electrolyte.

A potential assumption they may not be correct is that the maltodextrin is still 100% glucose, which it normally is. The sis label states it is Maltodextrin (from maize). Someone with more expertise can confirm if it still is glucose, or correct because the maize part changes anything.

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Thanks loads! I’m also unsure where I got the 1:1 from now. But good example of Cunningham’s law :slight_smile: