Make TR Workout Editor Open Source?


Have you considerd making the Workout Editor a Open Source project that the communtiy could contribute to?

This is probably a tool that i guess many of us use and it would be cool to be able to help out :slight_smile:


I could dig it.

Technically, you can import wo from TP and other sources to TR. So although the WC is not OS, the way to create wo might be.


Probably someone could create an open source wo creator… but who knows.

Currently I like (surprise, surprise - because the more I think the more I am impressed how much amazing job @davidtinker is doing with it. And at the moment if I had to cancel all my services would be my go to tool) creator the most - just type the intervals and they are ready. Exporting to platforms is other thing. But I would love open editor that can sync with TR and TP.