Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle

Very much safe.

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I have chased cheaper and easier beverages, and, believe it or not, I am now at 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tsp baking soda in a bottle. I can handle it hourly for multiple hours.

My problem is that, when getting tired, my brain goes to the ridiculous logic of, I feel fine and strong, so I can stop taking in calories like I have done for hours. It never makes sense post-ride; not sure why my brain wants to sabotage my legs.

I tried to tell people the “recipe” @Dr_Alex_Harrison has offered this community. They didn’t believe I was drinking Gatorade/sugar water :laughing: they even said I should try SIS. Maybe one day they’ll figure it out, I’m thankful and so aren’t my pockets. :pray:


I started reading this thread from the top and ordering the various things mentioned, then i went down the rabbit hole reading the linked blogs, slowtwitch threads, etc. Now I’m completely confused and the products are all starting to turn up :thinking:. Is anyone able to advise how I can make the Dr Alex recipe using this stash?

Maltodextrin Complex Carbohydrate 3kg - 3kg Maltodextrin Complex Carbohydrate - Mass Gainer ingredient | eBay
Lotus Fructose Fruit Sugar 2kg -
SODIUM CITRATE - 500g - SODIUM CITRATE - 500g - CATERING - Herbs & Spices | eBay
Staminade Powder Lemon Lime Fusion Isotonic Electrolyte Sports Drink 585g x 2 (aussie version of gatorade powder) - 2 x Staminade Powder Lemon Lime Fusion Isotonic Electrolyte Sports Drink 585g | eBay

I also have a bottle of 200mg Caffeine pills + plenty of SIS electrolyte tabs…

These are nice to keep around. Typically have a lemon or two in the kitchen, but packets are convenient for a little flavor when out and about.


So I just mixed a big jar for the first time, of the mix I intend to use: 1.5 kg of maltodextrin and 750g of fructose. I’ll then add in each bottle a serving of electrolyte mix.

My question is: is the mixture in this big jar evenly mixed and maintaining the proper ratio? Anyone prepares their mixtures like this? Is this a problem?

Impossible for us to answer that for you accurately, but most likely it is not distributed evenly.

Even distribution of powders of varying particle size/density etc is a known problem in industry and commercial product production.

Whether or not that is a problem for you in terms of your nutrition or fueling goals is up to you.

Making a concentrate syrup for dosing into my water bottles is a solution to that, and what I do… (Dissolves easier into my water as well).

Well, I don’t really need the exact ratio, I just don’t want to end up fueling with a 90% fructose drink in a workout, or something extreme like that.

But if this is a common problem even in commercial products, then mostly likely all those expensive mixes in the market don’t assure the ratios either.

I apologize for being unclear…

Common problem as in it is a known problem in industry/pharma/food mfg etc.
Not saying that there aren’t ways to solve for it. Solutions like use of other additives to help maintain distribution/stop settling, coating type technologies, specifying specific particle sizes for each ingredient etc.

Again though, getting two powders, putting them in a jar and shaking it is unlikely to produce a really even distribution. The malto I have for example is quite fine and powdery. Noone can say if your specific scoop or the mix is going to be XX% of one or the other.

Have you considered just using straight white granulated table sugar?

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Yes I considered that, but I thought I would just order this to try it out see how it goes. I ordered 6kg malto and 3kg of fructose, all for about 30€, so should be enough for about 100 servings of 90g (about 0,30€ per serving).

I think once I run out of this first batch I made in the jar, I’ll just mix it individually in each bottle.

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Handling malto is a pain IMO, the one I have is quite dusty, makes a bit of a sticky mess, and tends to clump when hydrating.

I still would feel alright personally with batching the powder, I’d suggest making smaller batches of your 2 powder mix (perhaps a week’s worth at a time), to avoid some of the hassle of mixing up each bottle. In theory, smaller powder mix batches should be easier to shake up and hopefully distribute evenly vs doing like 1.5kg+.75kg.

Making it into a syrup concentrate is also good, if you have the fridge space to devote to it. Certainly quite easy, especially the part where it’s just pumped into your water bottle and dissolves super quick.

I can take a swag at the #s for you if you’d like.

Mixing 1.5kg with 750g is going to lead to uneven distribution, but we wont be able to quantify that for you properly. Any reason you are trying to mix ~25 bottles worth at once?
I mix 3 bottles worth at once so that I always have a bottle in the fridge even if I am doing a ride where I need two. Plus 1.5L is basically the size of my vitamix blender jug so it deals with the even distribution very quickly and it cuts down on my prep time if I am doing multiple bottles at once.

I was unsure about it, but now it’s done and I can’t really unmix it, just have to deal with it. If it reveals to be too uneven I can always throw it away, it wasn’t that expensive and I still have plenty to use.

But yes, in the future I’ll mix it in smaller batches to keep it more even.

Makes sense. Unfortunately unless you are lab testing it you’ll never know how good or bad.

What i do is save some small plastic containers from other foods, wash them out and use them for storing single bottle mixes individually. This way i can batch a lot of bottles worth at one time while avoiding the mixing problem. It also makes mixing up a bottle quick and easy.

@Dr_Alex_Harrison Can I go with a sucrose solution starting with empty stomach? Should I be conservative with the amount of carbs in the first hour?
I’m thinking of using it during my morning workouts as I don’t have a lot of time to eat before starting.

I think it’s closer to 2:1 (or 1 : 0.6). Glucose : Fructose = 11.4g : 6.9g per serving.

This seems to jive with the ingredients list of Gatorade Mix, which is Sugar (sucrose) first and then dextrose second.

Edit: just noticed that the math doesn’t quite add up, thought the Quantity per 100ml does seem to add up, which would make it 1 : 0.56?

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No worries there at all. Fuel maximally from the get-go. If anything, higher rates of sugar & fluid consumption are ideal, when entering training on an empty stomach.

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Good find!

Color me convinced we have little idea what’s in Gatorade because this data is different than the last data I saw.

Good thing I tend to use it for flavor, primarily!