Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle

I would say no. Remember that glucose/maltodextrin can be directly taken up in the bloodstream and that fructose has to be converted in the liver before it can be used. So even if you take in equivalent amounts of glucose and fructose not all the fructose will be available for use, it is simply a slower and less efficient process so if you aren’t having problems with the current level of glucose/maltodextrin stick to it.

The literature shows that you can take up and oxidize almost all the glucose with a rate of 1-1.2g/min at ingestion levels 60-90g. Fructose consumption only boosts the oxidation rate to ~1.5-1.7g/min at amounts up to 70g so only have of it is being converted during that time.

Dropped a SIS Nootropics Gel yesterday as part of 120g per hour strategy. Oh my days, rocket fuel for your brain - in a good way. I felt cheery and capable for 175km.

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Interesting! Do they have caffeine in them?

Yes and others:

Bit this kind of stuff makes me nervous…

Maybe I was just having a good day but I could barely notice the last 3.5 weeks of build in my legs at all.


200mg caffeine, 1g Taurine and 200mg Theanine.

That’s a lot of stimulants for the central nervous system. The suggested usage is a max of one per day, but I could imagine many people will just assume that this is similar to a standard gel and use more frequently.

Nothing against Gatorade but I have a hard time sourcing it locally, and prefer to avoid getting it online (even then it’s still tricky)… Is there anything that would need to be adjusted if using Mio or similar, or perhaps Crystal light, or even a lemonade powder? If used in small amounts I’d think not, right?

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Any updates on this? I’m planning on mixing something up this weekend. For mine I’m thinking sucrose for carbs, basically a very concentrated version of Dr. Alex’s bottle formula. The reason I’d like a gel instead of water is to be able to use them during XC MTB racing, and would like to decouple nutrition from water.

Also, consistency doesn’t matter too much yet. I have one hammer flask and one Gu flask, I expect a typical gel consistency would work well in both


I PM’d the following to another member - it’s a start.
For loading into a flask, it is good to mix up the ingredients and use a funnel to fill the containers before the Jel hydrates and thickens.

If you can’t get the Clear Jel ASAP locally - have you considered just making a syrup (water+sugar/carb)?

"This is the base that is working well for me -

25g Maltodextrin
50g Granulated Sugar
10g Clear Gel Powder

75g carb in the 2:1 ratio (plus a bit extra since the clear jel is a carb).

Mix the three powders together evenly (dry) first. Then add water to make 4 fl. oz of total volume before mixing again (I did it in a measuring cup). Let sit and fully hydrate (it will get thicker, and the sugars will dissolve more thoroughly).

Cutting the clear jel amount in half (5g) gives a more syrupy texture, doing 15g jel instead made it way too thick for me.

You can add salt, other electrolytes, BCAA powders, Caffeine powder etc in appropriate amounts without needing to mess with the base recipe. The ratio of malto to white sugar can be changed too.

I’ve tried flavor additions like lemon juice, citric acid powder, Mio drops, cinnamon…"


Should work fine. Be careful to keep sweetness and flavor intensity mild when using artificially sweetened mixes.

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Given that many gels have something like 25mg or 40mg caffeine, I can see how 200mg caffeine might be alarming. If anything, though, the gel industry is under-dosing their caffeine amounts per gel, on average, just to meet market desires.

200mg caffeine is below the recommended dose per literature standards for probably >50% of forum users. 3-6mg/kg is recommended for events under 6 hours. Probably more necessary for very long events as the physiological half-life of caffeine is very roughly ~6 hrs.

200mg is certainly not in the realm of dangerous, or even close to it.

Taurine is not a stimulant.

Theanine is not a stimulant.

For context: My wife took 1600mg caffeine over a 24-hr ride. She’s 63kg. I’m 94kg and have taken 2000mg in a shorter duration than that.

Even if 3+ of those 200mg caffeine gels were taken together, 99.9% of folks would have nothing but a great day on the bike.

Disclaimer: this is not an endorsement to increase anyone’s caffeine dose. Talk to your medical doctor. Don’t do it if you have high blood pressure. blah blah blah. :slight_smile:

PS. That SIS product marketing is top notch. How to get people to increase their caffeine intake to actually-performance-enhancing amounts: label it nootropics.

How do you sleep after this?

My habitual intake of caffeine is ~100 - 200mg a day. If I double that, I struggle with sleep. I can’t imagine going x10. That’s probably my issue with the science saying how much we can handle for performance. If you can’t sleep afterwards.

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I did some calculations and the cheapest “beta fuel substitute” I can make where I live is:
60 grams table sugar
30 grams maltodextrin
An electrolyte tablet I got in bulk
Total cost is something like … 60 cents

I like to mix this with a blender, the maltodextrin is a little slower to mix with cold water

Totally agree. 3-6mg/kg is great for performance. Maybe not so great if taken after noon, if sleep is important to you that very next night.

For refrerence, here’s the blurb I send to clients about caffeine.

Caffeine has the following beneficial qualities, with very limited side-effects, assuming it doesn’t reduce your sleep quantity or quality:

  1. Mood enhancer
  2. Appetite suppressant
  3. Alertness aid / Energy booster
  4. Mild performance enhancer for strength. Primarily through central nervous system
  5. Moderate performance enhancer for endurance. Partially via more fat oxidation. Probably primarily through psychology and willingness/eagerness to endure suffering, at least in weak-minded mortals like me.

I think most scientists and practitioners worth their weight in salt would always weigh the tradeoffs of sleep loss when making daily caffeine dose recommendations.

It was a one-time thing, including overnight riding on Mt. Lemmon. She rode from 10am to 10am, and I rode roughly from 8pm to 10am, (so basically just the night riding portion).

The doses of caffeine we took gave us just enough energy to take a perfectly normal picture with normal-ish smiles, put our bikes away, and then head straight to bed and sleep for 6+ hrs in the middle of the day. Slept hard. haha

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I think you can go cheaper if you just use salt.

Well, one thing for the hydration tablets is that they’ve got some flavoring, that’s something I want to keep… Maybe I could try the mix without flavor

Good point. I don’t like unflavored sucrose + malto + salt that much. Each of those has their own flavor and I’m not a fan.

I use a small amount of Gatorade or any other pre-flavored beverage mix for flavoring. I’ve seen other folks mention lemon juice or other fruit flavors.

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Hey everyone!

This thread has been amazing information from me and I have been making my own drinks for over a year now with great success. I was always having GI issues and bonking, this has pretty much alleviated those problems!

I have been using the 2:1 ratio Gatorade and Carbo Gain as shown in the beginning of this thread. I am in need to order more Carbo Gain but it looks like there is a shortage on it.

Does anyone recommend anything else? I dont mind something better etc but im trying to stick with Amazon for simplicity.

I am in the US also, I notice this on amazon and not sure if its as good etc.

Thanks everyone!

I have used this in the past……used to be a lot cheaper. NOW Sports Nutrition, Dextrose Powder (Monosaccharide), Energy Production, 10-Pound: Health & Personal Care
But still appears to be cheaper than the one above.

I’m no lover of sweet tasting foods and drinks but I can stomach 80-90g of my own 2:1 malto-fructo mix per hour no problem. I always add a few drops of Bulk Powders’ flavour drops and usually (though not always) add some of their electrolyte mix, both of which make a noticeable difference to the taste.

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I dont mind sweet but this was sickly! I’ve found a pinch of Citric Acid in each bottle really takes the edge off that sickliness. I can enjoy 1:0.8 malt/fruc now with Citric Acid+Sodium Citrate.