Make SIS BETA fuel your self just a few pence per bottle

No idea.

I get out the measuring cups every time and do each independently because optimal ratio of carbs:sodium changes day to day based on workout duration, weather, intensity, as well as person to person (2 of us in our house).

Yup, the flavoring is the hard part of these drinks - the rest is just some salt. I also prefer the flavor of the commercial offerings to my own, but it’s ‘good enough’. Also, you’ve found me out - I just want cheap for hydration on the trainer :rofl: Once I added up what commercial hydration products were costing my on the trainer I had to do something.

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Yes! And no name brand grocery store fruit punch powder. It’s pretty much all just 1:1 fructose:glucose with flavoring. You can add extra glucose and some electrolytes if it needs it and you get a good power up for pennies.

I’ll have to give that a try. I am somewhat reluctantly moving to more sugar in my drinks during training, and that opens up more flavoring options than trying to go sugar free. Now to just reduce my off-bike sugar, and I’ll be in good shape :slight_smile:

Homemade recipe I pulled from a magazine or blog years ago. Where am i right or wrong? Goal was to save a little cash and still get the nutrition from stuff found in the kitchen cabinets.
I have only used this on indoor TR workouts. Outdoors I use all SIS products Beta Fuel, Go, and Energy. But as noted it’s expensive. So I’m reading this thread with interest of nutrition and cost savings.
Whats wrong or right with my homemade brew? I have semi thick skin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so let me have it. The Good The Bad and The Ugly

In large 750 bottle
Honey 2 1/2 heaping tablespoons
Table Sugar 2 1/2 tablespoons
Lime 1/4 squeezed for added flavor
Table Salt 1/4 teaspoon

Seems to work for all my 1 - 2hr TR indoor workouts I do supplement with some of the more intense workouts with real fruit and or trailmix.
I suspect it’s much less than $1.00 USD a bottle.

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Gel_Recipe.pdf (35.4 KB)

I’ve used this for the last 10 months and love it. Works for cycling and I’m just about to start trialing in on my runs al less than 60grams/hr.
Easy to assemble from 30-100 gram/hr and 30 minutes up to 6 hours

Maltodextrin = Maltodextrin
Honig = Honey (prefer the good stuff)
Traubensaft = Grape Juice (not from concentrate ideally)
Zitrone = Lemon juice (from an actual lemon, not a bottle)
Salz = Salt (i used table salt until i ran out, now use an electrolyte powder)

Not sure if this deserves another thread or not but I’ve got to the right mixture of maltidextrin and fructose that seems to work OK with me. Went out for a longish ride the other day so had to take two small plastic bags with suspicious looking white powder in to replenish my bottles after I’d bought a bottle of water at a petrol station.
Trouble is it was a really messy faff and looked very suspicious - the lady behind the counter clearly thought something was amis.
So has anyone come up with a better way of carrying dry mix that’s reusable? I had to bin the plastic bags I used which was a real waste.
Wondered about old 35mm film canisters but they don’t hold enough mix… . And where do you stash them?
Thanks for any tips… :grin:

I use snack size zip lock bags. With the bottle empty or half full of water you can get the entire opening of the bag in the mouth of the bottle and does not make a mess. Fold the bag flat to get all of the air out, zip it shut, then stuff it back into your jersey.

I agree completely that it looks very suspicious carrying around zip lock bags full of fine white powder, though. Less so during a group ride or event, more so when solo. You’d think the bike kit would put bystanders at ease, though …


Are you already mixing your 2 bottles on the bike at 2-3x concentration? I carry my “extra” in the bottles themselves and just dilute throughout the day at stops

No, I’m mixing the 1x amount as on long solo rides you can’t always gaurantee somewhere to dilute it. I tend to avoid towns… :grin:
Good thought though.

Have to look out some much smaller zip lock bags. Thanks for the tip…

Are there any reusable/refillable gel packs on the market? I’m sure someone could design one…

Of course there are also plenty of reusable generic silicone squirt containers on amazon that would work fine too. For long rides I also just stash a third bottle in a jersey pocket

As someone who grew up in the 70s, film canisters full of white power look considerably more suspicious than ziplock bags! Especially with the number of them you would need to fill 2 bottles!



Good point. :grin:

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I’ve mistakenly bought some SIS Go Electrolyte powder thinking it was just electrolytes, but it has carbs too:

Is there any way I can still mix this with the malto and fructose I’ve got, or is it impossible to know what the makeup of the SIS stuff is? It doesn’t specifically say on their website.

Assume is 17g fructose and 74g maltodextrin per 100g since they are classifying the maltodextrin as a non sugar carb in the nutrition label

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I picked up some Gatorade and Maltodextrin powder but I am not sure how to mix it. Should I do it by the weight indicated in parentheses for serving size?

If I understand right, the idea is (for 90g carb bottle) I would want 60 grams of glucose from the Gatorade mix and 30 grams from the Malto?

And if I want to start at 60g and work up to 90g to see what my stomach likes do I start light with the glucose or the malto?

Here’s the labels on the two…

If you have a kitchen scale this is really easy. I use an old container and tare on the scale. Dump in a bunch of gatorade powder…say 500g. Then add 250g of malto (2:1 ratio). I find that the maltodextrin is much lower density so use the weight to be accurate. I add a little extra sodium citrate since I sweat a bunch. Put the lid on, shake, and you’re done.

I’ve been able to handle the 90g / hr just fine. If you’d like, start with the same mixture but only put in 60g /hr for a week and then work up to 90g slowly and monitor how your stomach feels.

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Perfect, thanks!!

Also, I think I read or heard somewhere that one of the two (glucose or maltodextrin) attributes to the GI issues when using more than you can handle but can’t remember which. Anyone know?