Make SIS BETA fuel your self just a few pence per bottle

Thanks for the info, really appreciate it.


Looking to purchase this maltodextrin from the local brewing company. It indicates 10DE as the dextrose unit. Is this something that can be used in our mix? not an expert as I’ve just recently started with mixing my own energy drinks as well.

thanks in advance.

What I’ve used and what others have sourced on Amazon are maybe 11-12, but from what I’ve read DE-10 should be fine as it’s still in the middle of the range (typically 3-17 glucose units long according to Wikipedia). It might have slightly lower solubility but I suspect you’ll be fine.


Help a slow learner here please…

Am I doing this right?

I am drinking to thirst and at the moment that is about 500ml an hour.
I know that 90g of carbs (2:1, Malto:Fructo) an hour works well for me, for now.

So if I use 30g of Torq in a 500ml bottle I get 30g of carbs an hour. Can I simply add 60g of table sugar to get to 90g of carbs an hour, and although the ratio will change it stays within practical limits?

And given that the same 30g of Torq brings me 275mg of Sodium, I can just add 225mg of Sodium Citrate to the 500ml bottle to bring me up to 500mg?

Thanks in advance!

60g of table sugar would turn my stomach quickly (that’s like drinking 500ml Coke per hour, PLUS the other 30g you’re using, but ymmv.

Yes to both.

I bet if you consume 500mg sodium and 700-900mL water, and flavor with Gatorade, or some other endurance beverage, it would not. I could be wrong. >95% of the time I’ve had folks have stomach issues with high carb consumption it is a result of too high of a solution concentration. (I say 95% because I am forgetful. The truth is… I can’t remember a single person who with adequate fluid and electrolyte consumption couldn’t tolerate 90g/hr using anywhere between 1:1 and 2:1 gluc:fruc.)

If you’ve still got pre-workout meal contents in your stomach though when the workout starts, that changes the story quickly… as I experienced on my ride yesterday. No fun at all.

I’m the exact opposite. Gatorade/Skratch/Etc. turns my stomach fast! I can drink 90g of Maurten or homemade Malto/fructose mixture in 750ml water every hour with no problem.

Apologies for my lack of clarity there!

I meant flavor with Gatorade. Not get 90g carbs from Gatorade.

I was saying that if you did something like 75g sucrose and 15g of carbs from Gatorade it’d probably sit very well.

Sucrose behaves almost identically in gut like malto+fruc. It is almost identical sweetness too, when approaching 1:1 gluc:fruc ratio.

thanks for posting that. I am also in Toronto, and I hadn’t even thought to check out a brewing supplier. I’ve been ordering my Malto off amazon. I thought that was cheap. But $90 for 50lbs is even cheaper :smile:

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same here, most of my malto purchases were through amazon. Picking up a 50lb bag today from the brewery. just in time as I just ran out.

I’ve struck on a mix that works well for me. I didn’t get on with the recipe in the OP as I could never get an acceptable taste - always too sweet using the flavouring additive suggested and using Nuun / H5 tablets just brings the unit price back up to where there are little savings over proprietary stuff. Also it’s a bugger to dissolve quickly.
So - I was left with a lot of malti/fruct/electro powder which I’d pre-mixed into a large container. What I do now is, each week I dissolve a fixed amount of that powder into a 2 litre empty coke bottle in warm water and shake every so often until thoroughly mixed - this is a concentrated solution.
Then, each session I half-fill a 750ml bidon with that solution, then add a large scoop of High 5 Energy drink (£19 for 2.2kg from Wiggle - berry flavour works best for me) and top up with cold water.
So, I’m using up the stuff I bought from BulkPowders and still have a good-tasting 2:1 drink for road and TR sessions at a pretty cheap price. Whether I continue with this after the BulkPowder order is finished I doubt. Probably just stick with the High5 whilst it remains cheap.

Has anybody used just good ol’ Country Time Lemonade? Other than the electrolytes, the nutrition facts look very very similar to the Gatorade powder.

You could easily add maltodextrin and electrolyte as desired.