Make SIS BETA fuel your self just a few pence per bottle

It’s over £8 now apparently, but still cheap! I’ve been using 65g and it mixes well in a 750ml bottle with a good shake

Sorry pal, I meant the flavouring :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucozade sport is one of my fave things haha. I found plain Malto in water was tasteless but had a texture that I felt unpalatable, almost silky!?

Added some fruit squash which makes it drinkable. Always looking to improve though!

Ah! Jucee is just one of those cheap cordials you can get in most small shops all over the place, been around for decades

Does anyone have an equivalent list of ingredients they use but that are easy to buy in the UK. For example, that Gatorade powder is not easy to find!

My ingredient list is above. Not sure about availability in the UK but it’s fairly generic.

Do you use DE18, DE12 or DE6 Malto?

Edit: according to the Q&A on Amazon it’s 11-12.

Which leads me to a question. Do we rather want DE6 or DE18 or something in between?

Good question, not sure. According to Wikipedia, “ Maltodextrins are classified by DE (dextrose equivalent) and have a DE between 3 and 20. The higher the DE value, the shorter the glucose chains, the higher the sweetness, the higher the solubility, and the lower heat resistance.

I would think that shorter chains can be digested more easily and quicker, resulting in quicker energy absorption. But just by guess. DE11-12 is right in the middle and has been working well for me for the last month or so.

That’s also what I thought. Though what made me think was the influence on blood sugar levels. In other words, rather have a fast big hit or a more subtle sustained delivery. For what it’s worth, I also went with 12.

However, I am by no means an expert. Perhaps some of the more knowledgeable folks can help us out?!

I end up sipping the mix every 5-10 minutes anyway, depending on the interval lengths, so I end up with a steady level of intake and blood sugar level regardless.


Go with the bulk powders maltodextrin and electrolytes. Holland a barret do fructose as do many supermarkets and for taste I use sugar free Vimto. Works a treat.
I’m only using 40g maltodextrin and 1g of the electrolytes. That’s per 750ml bottle. Put a scoop of the maltodextrin in each and a splash of hot water. Top back on and shake. Top off, few Ice cubes in, splash of vimto. Scoop of the electrolyte powder and away you go. Not added fructose yet as it only arrived the other day and I’m worried as my teeth are pretty bad already. Also I don’t race so don’t need to fine tune fuelling.
So far no issues what so ever
I did try 60g of maltodextrin in the same bottle and felt thirty after. So reduced it to 40 which I find tolerable.
Hope this helps and YMMV.

To be honest I’m not noticing huge changes to bananas (the right colour) home made flapjacks or gels though arguably cheaper.

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I’ve been making the suggested DIY mix using Bulk Powders but its a bit fiddly having to dissolve in warm water the night before, and I’ve never found a cheap but successful method of getting an acceptable flavour.

Wouldn’t this stuff from High5 do the same thing for roughly the same price (I know I like their berry flavouring)?


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I find maltodextrin mixes ok - here’s what I do:

Start with water in the bottom of the bottle (less likely to stick). Chuck malto on top, fill the bottle halfway, put on the lid tight and shake hard. If there are any bits floating around, either shake again or if you have time, leave it to melt by itself.

Hot water makes it very quick and easy, and not unpleasant when it’s as cold as my garage is in January. No need to make it the night before - you don’t need a lot of hot water to dissolve malto - after shaking up, top up with cold water and shake again.

FWIW, I add Sainsbury’s lime squash for flavour - takes nice.

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Unless my maths is way out (entirely possible) the High5 linked above works out the same price as DIY once you factor in electrolyte and flavouring, but is easier to use. Am I missing something?

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Yes, it appears that at the discounted price of $24(USD) for 2.2kg the average price per 100g bottle is $1.10(USD). Similarly, I was able to find SiS Beta Fuel on sale a few months ago for about $1(USD) per packet (serving) so I bought some.

At the list price of $40(USD) the High5 is more expensive than the homebrews above, though. Also, at least for my recipe, I’m using Nuun tabs and they’re almost 40% of the total cost. Using a much less expensive electrolyte and flavoring can get the price per bottle well below $1(USD). Great find on the High5, though!

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That was my problem. I tried various flavourings without success and ended up using half a High5 tab, which increased the unit price significantly (Nuun are my favourite but too expensive for everyday use!)

I’ve had good luck with the ‘true lemon’ ( crystallized lemon and lime for flavorings. Not as nice as some of the commercial offerings, but fine for a few bottles on the trainer.

Thanks so much for this information. I have been using the “homemade” mix with Nuun tabs for the last three weeks. I’m now finishing workouts that I have never finished and on my last Ramp received a 12% bump in FTP! So stoked.


I bought the true lemon and the flavor is “odd”. I can’t figure out the right amount to use in a bottle to get a good flavor. I agree that it’s great if you just want cheap, but I actually prefer the artificial flavors of the tablets. I recognize that probably makes me weird.

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We are all “weird” in our own way :blush:

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As @4ibanez says you don’t need to do it the night before. Just a splash of hot-ish water out the kettle is all it needs. Then the ice cubes and other cold water cool it down.